Direct Accounts from the War of the Garden

Chapter 8

Sakura Rose- The Girl Next Door

by: Darsha
Sakura Rose knew that she had been very lucky. She had much to be thankful for. She had a home. She had friends. She was accepted. Rarely did it cross her mind to wonder who her parents were, or why they had given her up. Or why her Glass family had never told her the truth about her birth.

Sakura Rose had never know her birth mother, or even, how she had come to live with the Glass family. In the diverse land of Naavin, Sakura Rose had grown up in the Glass Village. The people there were as tiny as she was, so she never stood out entirely. It took her much longer to realize that when the Glass children fell they had to be glued back together, whereas Sakura Rose bounced back and bled.

Sakura was also the only child who aged. Being young, she had never thought of this, for her instinct was to be content and play with the other children her age. It wasn't until she was ten years old that she put the pieces together.

She wasn't made of glass but flesh and bone. Sakura Rose was a fairy. Out of spite and anger at being lied to she left her Glass family. Pain was written all over their painted faces, as they were sorry to see her go. To them she was a daughter.

She was a very lucky fairy. The life she had found with her people was splendid to her. She was loyal to the Fairy Queen, who in turn was loyal to the Naavin until death, so Sakura Rose guessed she was loyal to the Naavin as well.

"Good morning Sakura Rose," Mari said as she entered Sakura Rose's mossy house, "How do you fair?"

"Quite well," Sakura Rose replied, "And you?"

"Fine thanks," her neighbor replied, handing her a letter, "I have a message for you."

"Thank you Mari," Sakura Rose said smiling sweetly, "Would you care to stay for tea?"

"No I must deliver two identical letters it seems," Mari answered kindly.

"Well, I cannot let you leave empty handed, please take some flax cookies with you," Sakura insisted, heading to the kitchen to retrieve the cookies to send along with Mari.

After Mari left Sakura sat down to open the letter. It had the pixi dust seal of honor, in it's pink splendor stamped on the outside. It was from the royal house of fairies! Carefully she opened the important letter.

It read:

Dear Sakura Rose,

It has come to my attention that Naavin may be in grave danger. As ruler of the fairies, I must do my duty to serve this great republic. The troops in Naavin have caught a terrible fever, the likes of which only fairies are immune to. I have hand picked groups of my people to face the danger and go to treat the army before war breaks out between the Naavin and the Marxles empire. It may even tip slowly to full out catastrophe while you are serving. You must be prepared to defend yourself. I am sending you and two other fairies to an outpost near the south border, precariously close to the Marxles.

The fairies you shall work with go by the names of Lepore, and Aesta.

I trust you will serve me well.

Yours truly,

The Queen of the fairies

"Well well," Sakura Rose, said, her hazel eyes clouding with worry. She hated violence. Sweeping her light brown hair with the green highlights, back, she smiled faintly, just enough to show her dimples.

Grabbing her golf stick, the closest thing she had to a weapon, she figured it would be best to go and meet these two other fairies she was meant to work with.

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