Direct Accounts from the War of the Garden

Chapter 3

Darius- Only A Matter of Time

"You're a pyscho!" Anna says in a snotty voice.

"Not as much as you!" Alex retorts.

"Oh my gods will you both shut up?" I snap, slamming my fist on the table, knocking over a cup.

They look at me with hurt expressions, but I'm beyond caring at this point. Ten years of these two constantly, pointlessly bickering has really taken its toll on my patience.

"I'm going for a walk," I say as I storm out the front door. Technically I'm supposed to be watching the twins right now but one can only take so much of those two before you go insane.

I don't have any particular path or goal in mind but out here and there's not much to our village, Creekside, but it's home and that's good enough for me.

Plus, it's small enough that the Marxles haven't taken an interest in us. Yet.

Eventually, my feet take me to the town center, where people trade and live their lives as they do every day.

Then I spot a group of soldiers in full combat armor with swords at their sides.

"Make way, peasants!" The leader calls.

A man in a dark brown robe walks slightly behind them, then raises his hands and shouts, "Rejoice! You have been taken under the care of the Marxles! Be proud and serve your lords with vigor and-"

An arrow cuts him off, quickly followed by two more that claim the soldiers before they can react.

"This village belongs to the Habite Dans le Jardin!" A man calls out, stepping from the shadows of an alley between two buildings. He is dressed in street clothes, but carries a heavy crossbow in his hands and has a dagger at his hip.

"There will be more where they came from, Javik." A woman steps from the crowd with a longbow in her hands and a quiver or arrows on her back.

"Indeed, Sasha. That is why we must stand and fight! The Marxles will not stop until they have subjugated all of you!"

"You as.sholes!" I shout, taking a step forward.

"You just thrust us into your damn war! We want nothing to do with this!"

"What is your name, boy?" The man, Javik, asks me calmly.


"Well, Darius, I admire your courage but you are wrong about one thing. The Marxles would have slain half of this village just to prove that they could. We have saved you and now we ask that you join us. We will be far stronger together."

"Besides," Sasha says. "It was only a matter of time before they came. We've been hiding here for weeks, waiting for them. Now it is your turn."

"And what if we want nothing to do with this! What if we wanted to just sit this out and not pick a side, huh?"

"That is not an option, I'm afraid," Javik says. "The Marxles would have mad you part of them whether you wanted to be or not. We give you the chance to live and fight back, to take back what is rightfully yours and to make a stand."

I consider this for a moment, then say.

"Then count me in."

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