Hi Guys


Chapter 1

Lol Good ol times

by: CaughtUp
I remember when I used to be an annoying 10year old One Direction fan (Not really), came on Quibblo daily and made invitations to everyone saying something well um.. Something like this: OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO READ THIS

And it turns out I was just saying I was logging off

Well wasn't I an attention wh*ore

Anyways I know that only 1/100 of my friends will read this and stuff but I just want to say that I miss you guys. I regret deleting even when Quibblo was so active, and I still love the fact that there are still new users now. Unfortunately, I cannot be friends with them because in my profile I appear as 'deleted' :/

I can't message anyone, I've tried with Emily and she says she can't reply. So if there's anyone who would like to talk to be, you can either add me on facebook (nevermind I've got private stuff there xD) Just email me in this Cho.Yeonseo @ ais.at put in spaces in case it doesn't come out

And for people who don't recognize me, I'm Allison, Yeonseo, hera1432, and if you remember me from either one of those names then great! I was active around 2012, 2013, but then deleted in 2013 of August. I guess I was pretty well known for doing a lot of group stories or my Quibblo Interviews :) Still look into those once in a while, they were the golden ages of my period in Quibblo haha XD

Anyways hope you guys email me! :)


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