The Game of Sorcerers

A group story between me, Alexis117 and SugarKart

Chapter 1

Maria Crossfield

January 6th, 2017. Floor 8, Selphia.

The moon was out, casting a silver-white glow on the China-inspired town. The scent of Chinese foods wafted through the street as a young, pretty woman wearing a red atelier dress, a white veil, white angelic boots and armwarmers, walked towards the Sorcerer's Bazaar to restock on healing items. She walked with a purposeful gait that made everyone look at her.

This woman's name was Maria Crossfield, and she was a Level 39 mage who could transform into a red-and-gold dragon. She had red-and-gold dragon ears on either side of her head, and her veil hid her dragon wings. A cross necklace was draped around her neck as she approached a stall that had wicker baskets full of ruby-forged candy hearts that were actually powerful healing hearts.

The person serving at the stall was an old man with a kind smile. "Mari," The man croaked. "The usual?" The usual was the ruby-forged hearts called Heart of Marianna, a crystal-blue vial full of mana which was useful for battle and a blue crystal made for teleporting.

Maria nodded silently; she was not a talkative person, but she knew what she wanted. Maria got out her brown messenger bag and the old man put it in. Maria looked up suddenly, to see a young black-haired man with lightly tanned skin and brown eyes watching her. Powerful aura, Maria thought as she nodded to the old man, and walked to the young man.

"Elijah Morde?"

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