Mystery Task Hunt on Quibblo!

Chapter 1

How it works...

by: _othuna
Hello, everyone!

As we all know very well, more and more Quibblonians are becoming inactive. In attempt to save Quib-manity, we have decided to host a weekly Mystery Task Hunt!

Throughout each week, at random times, a hint will be posted from this account to try and figure out where the 'group of words' are. 3-5 words will be posted somewhere, depending on the hint, and it's your job to find these words and collect them!

As you collect these words, you may notice that their order doesn't make any sense. This is, again, something for you to complete! Unscramble the words to form the sentence. The sentences are always tasks. When you unscramble words, find the sentences, perform the tasks, message us when you're done and be the first ones to do it, you become the Featured Member! Just to clarify, here is a breakdown...

1. Collect words throughout the week.

2. Unscramble these words and form them into sentences.

3. Perform the tasks in the sentences.

4. Message this account when you're done!

The first user to complete these steps will become the Featured Member.

Example (* next to words means that this will not be revealed at first):

*The task is, Go to and comment, "I eat poop".

*The first wave of words is: comment -- Go -- poop"

The hint is: Go to angel52's bio before it's too late!

*Meaning of this hint: The words are in angel52's bio for a limited time. They will be deleted later!

Remember, capitalization and punctuation is EXTREMELY important, so always pay attention. Capitalized words are usually the beginning of sentences, whereas punctuated words are usually the ends of sentences.

To make it a little more fair, there will be two different tasks. (If you complete 1 out of 2, you will still be FM.)

Their hints will be posted at the same time, but their hints will be different.

Phrase 1 words will be in italic.

Phrase 2 words will be in bold.

(This is so that you don't accidentally mix up the two phrases' words and make the wrong sentence.)

The hunt could start whenever, so be on your toes! ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment them down below or message IzzyWizzK about it.

Thanks, and happy hunting!!

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