[Roleplay Request] [Edited: Feb. 7, 2015]

Chapter 1

Roleplay Request

Hello and good day to whoever may be reading this! ^_^ I first want to introduce myself to you. My name is Tia and I'm a 20-year-old who works at a shoe store. My hours are crazy so there isn't a set time that I will or won't be on. I'm from Louisiana so that's what timezone I'm going to be in. I have been roleplaying for a good few years and I'm pretty friendly - or I think so. I enjoy roleplaying because it helps me relax and unwind!

So now that we have gotten past that I am going to list what I roleplay before my rules. Who likes getting through rules only to find out that what the person roleplays doesn't interest them? Not fun!

Don't get me wrong, I know the saying, "quality over quantity," but I am very much use to typing a lot. On average I seem to type 900 words for each side. So for a total of 1,800 words and up. And currently with one roleplayer I've been RPing with her for about a week and we've already progressed very easily into the roleplay where it has nearly been a year in the roleplay. So saying that long replies is counter productive doesn't make sense to me. I heavily believe that you can have both quality and quantity. The minimum amount I will be happy with is maybe 1,000 words for the whole reply but not constantly.

I absolutely love when people can impress me with their ability to spell stuff correctly and use decent grammar. Obviously I'm not going to expect you to be perfect because unless you're an English teacher... your grammar isn't going to be flawless. I know my grammar isn't flawless in the least (typing wise, my spoken English is horrendous) so that would make me the biggest hypocrite. But just know the different between there, their, and they're and all of those words.

A reply every other day will do. I just ask you to reply more than once a week. If you want to stop just let me know and I won't bother you anymore. I like to make people comfortable!

I really enjoy roleplaying through e-mail but I can open to roleplaying through different places just as long as there isn't a word limit. But I will not roleplay through any instant messenger, text messages, or Skype. And while I do at times work on my replies using my iPod I never reply to a full RP through that because it's much slower and isn't as easy. Please extend me the same curtsy! :)

If you're wanting to stop roleplaying with me all I do is ask that you let me know by sending me a simple message with "Sorry" in the message box. That's all. You don't have to explain why and I won't ask. I'm nice and I'll understand. But if you want to restart or start a different roleplay I am always more than happy to do that.

My limits are the following: I don't do necrophilia, pedophilia, water sports, or incest. Every single one of my roleplays are "mature" so please keep that in mind. And if you want a more... "spicy" roleplay (more s e x scenes than usual) just add to the subject "Spice - [Your Crush] - [The Fandom]." And if you want a normal roleplay please just put as the subject "[Your Crush] - [The Fandom]."

If you want to restart or start a different roleplay feel free to say something! I have a few different roleplay partners who have been willing to speak up if they're no longer interested in a roleplay and so we start a different one (sometimes of the same fandom just with different OCs or different crushes, sometimes a whole different fandom) and we've been roleplaying for years! :)

- - - - - - - -

And now what I'm interested in roleplaying! The ones with the least amount of stars (✮) are the ones I'm least interested in roleplaying. If there's only one then I'm honestly not all that interested in it at the moment but it can always change with my mood! And for the TV shows I'll add if I'm caught up on it and if not, what season I've last seen as well as my crush(es). If there's only one crush I'm not willing to change that.
The most stars I'll put are five, ones with five stars are the ones I'm craving.

TV Shows

✮Criminal Minds (Spender Reid, OC) [Season 4]
✮FRIENDS (JoeyTribbani, Chandler Bing) [Caught Up/Seen All]
✮✮Game of Thrones (Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Bronn) [Caught Up/Seen All So Far]
✮✮✮✮✮Ghost Adventures (Nick Groff) [Caught Up/Seen Most]
✮Supernatural (Sam Winchester) [Season 9, Half of Season 10]
✮Skins (UK) First Generation (Chris Miles) [Caught Up/Seen All]
✮ Skins (UK) Second Generation (Freddie McClair) [Caught Up/Seen All]
✮✮ Skins (UK) Third Generation (Richard Hardbeck) [Caught Up/Seen Most]
✮The Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon, OC) [Caught Up/Seen All So Far]
✮How I Met Your Mother (Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby] [Caught Up/Seen Most]


✮✮The Avengers [and all the films related to it] (Tony Stark, Thor, Loki)
✮The Boondock Saints (Murphy MacManus)
✮Four Brothers (Jack Mercer)
✮✮Guardians of the Galaxy (Peter Quill/Star-Lord, OC)


✮✮✮✮✮YouTube (markiplier/Mark Fischbach) !Currently Most Craved!
✮✮Originals (Prefer non-fantasy)


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