Uprising of the Dark King~ A Lord Of the Rings Group Story

I credit the start of this plot idea to my wonderful friend, who I hope will be joining the site soon, Hannah! :)
Thanks for reading, guys!

Chapter 1

Intro: The Characters

Name: Barasi
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years
Race: Dwarf
Personality: Barasi is proud and is incredibly stubborn much like the rest of her race. She has a tendency to overestimate her abilities which gives her false arroganceShe is a good person but will let you know straight up if she doesn't like something. Barasi is funny and it makes her day to see somebody smile. She is brave and extremely loyal to her friends and would rather die then see anyone hurt. Barasi is very cultured and takes heavy pride in crafting and music. She is often a leader in dwarf celebratory songs. Barasi is often very bull-headed and hates being told what to do. Finally, she loves to cook and is frequently told how good she is at it.
Strengths: Barasi is very protective of the people she cares about so she will stop at nothing to protect them. Also, she is very tough and resilient in battle.
Weakness: Barasi has a decent case of claustrophobia so she suffers attacks frequently if put in situations that require tight spaces. Due to her stubborn dwarf nature and being forced into the mines (although they are quite spacious depending on particular areas), she forces herself to work past it but she is often unsuccessful.
Weapons: Barasi carries a broad sword with engraved with golden dwarf runes that shine when she swings her blade. It is named Flisrin.
Looks: Barasi is a unique beauty. Despite most dwarf women being covered in hair, she has no beard or facial hair of the sort. Barasi has shorter, about chest length, curly black hair. Her eyes are wide and framed in thick black lashes. They are a greyish blue with some flecks of pale green towards her pupil. She has soft features with a curved nose and has comfortable sized dark colored lips. Barasi is about four foot tall and is sometimes confused with a tall hobbit. Her skin is pale and rough with a light spray of brown freckles across her face. Asphodel is skinnier than most yet she is curvy with wide hips common with dwarf bodies.
Clothing: Barasi wears a black hooded cloak, black skin tight pants, a medium length toga top with a thick metal belt sitting on her hips, and she wears stacked silver rings on each finger expect her thumb which has a large gold ring placed on it. She often uses her rings in battle.
Bio: Barasi was born in the dwarven city of Moria in the Misty Moutains. She was raised there with her brothers as the children of master architects. They were always treated with respect because of their parent's and noticeable advances in skill in architecture themselves. They lived happily for many years. Barasi and her brothers were virtually attached at the hip and wouldn't do anything without each other. After Barasi's 15th birthday, Moria was evacuated. Her brothers went to fight the Balrog with the rest of the men and Barasi was forced outside since there were few dwarf women. Barasi's eldest brother was murdered in battle. Her other brother quickly became depressed and blamed himself for his brother's death. He was upset for several months before taking his own life out of guilt. Barasi and the remaining parts of the realm reluctantly left. They set up temporary homes in large forests and the mountainous terrain of Middle Earth. One day, Barasi wandered off and got lost in the mountains that were crawling with orcs. She waited too long to return to their camp and found them all disappeared. Barasi strayed off and made her way back to Moria only to get attacked by a group of orcs midway. Almost dead and barely standing her ground, a group of elves appeared from the woodland realm appeared and killed the orcs but captured Barasi as well.
Role In Group: As a dwarf, Barasi is an excellent fighter and does not mind being an opinionated leader when needed.
Love Interest: Calarael (the irony)
Pets: none
Other Info: Like most dwarves, Barasi gets very touchy when people bring up her height. She is in the shorter range of dwarves. Also, Barasi cannot stand elves (because well.... you know the reason! :3)

Name: Calarael (roughly "light of the sea" in Silvan, pronounced Ka-lar-ray-el)
Gender: Female
Age: Ageless (Looks around 24)
Race: Elf of the Woodland Realm
Personality: Calarael is a kind, gentle person on first glance. She does all she can to fix a bad situation and stands up for anything she believes in. She doesn't care about the appearance of a person or creature, for she finds beauty in all things. She does not take her skills for granted, though, and will jump to action at any situation her weapons and stealth are needed in. She is a great asset to a person or a team, but if someone rubs her the wrong way at all she isn't exactly quick to forgive and will kill them in the blink of an eye. Despite how that sounds, Calarael does have a heart and soft spots for many things, though love is not one of them. She can make great friendships, but she hasn't been keen on love in a long time.
Strengths: Bow and arrows, knives, her stealth, beauty.
Weaknesses: Lack of understanding for the modern ways/ways of humans, easily annoyed. Certain things can break her.
Weapon: She has a simple yet beautiful bow with carvings of animals and vines up the wood, and she wears a quiver of seemingly endless arrows. She also carries two long, silver knives.
Looks: Calarael has a timelessly beautiful appearance. She has long, soft, dark cinnamon-brown hair with slight waves (unlike most elves) that she occasionally braids for efficiency. She has dark green, slightly almond-shaped eyes lined in long, dark eyelashes. She has dark, sculpted eyebrows and a straight nose and full, pink lips. She has high, defined cheekbones and a sharp jawline, with smooth, lightly tanned skin. She is tall, with a slender, lean, athletic build and long legs. She has the pointed ears.
Clothing: Calarael wears clothes similar to Tauriel's, as she's part of the guards of the Woodland Realm. She wears a green vest over a long-sleeved brown shirt, with a dark green cloak and brown pants and leather boots. http://www.polyvore.com/calarael/set?id=147842006
Bio: Calarael was born in Rivendell and lived there when she was young, she remembers the beauty of the kingdom and of the elves. She left the kingdom, though, for reasons she cannot remember to this day and was found by the Woodland Realm and lived there for the rest of her life, as a high-ranking member of the guards. She fought through all the hobbit/lord of the rings problems to now, and travels to the group of friends. to help them realize that they are not a threat, but if they must see it that way, the elves will fight.
Role In Group: Fighter/Guard/Partway Leader
Love Interest (Opt.): Barasi
Pets (Opt.): no
Other Info: nope


Name: Leaf
Gender: Male
Age: 40 (looks hardly past 20)
Race: Man with extended life, like Aragon/Strider
Personality: Understanding, nature lover, king-hearted, strong willed
Strengths: Sword skills near perfect, aggressive yet fluid like that of Elves
Weaknesses: Bows & fire. Can't work a bow & fire burns (see bio).
Weapon: Sword (Blade similar to Sting & Orcrist).
Looks: Short wavy fair hair, shoulder length; pale tanned, dirty skin; 6'11" height.
Clothing: Grey-white shirt, string draw front; brown vest; black cloak, pants, boots & socks; large brown satchel contains necessary items (Medicine, bandages, blanket, flint, knives, small poison bottle).
Bio: Leaf lived in a village next to a small Ent colony, so he often would go speak with the trees. A horde of bandits burnt his village to the ground, killed many people & attacked the Ents. He lived with the Ents for a time, until he felt he could go find his uncle or any other family. Living with the animals & trees has given him better insight for tracking & understanding, so he is open-minded.
Role In Group: Frontline fighter, tracker.
Love Interest: A fine lady of Elfish or human.
Pets: Butter the horse (http://st-listas.20minutos.es/images/2013-05/361680/4030551_640px.jpg?XXX-XXX-XXXX)
Other Info: Cannot stand deep water - waist deep is fine, but any deeper & he freaks out.

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