To Our Quibblo Family

Just a few words that I figured you should look upon if I suddenly disappear for what ever reason, to reflect on by how much I care about you

Chapter 1

Miss you

Chances are I'll never meet any of you in my lifetime, maybe by chance I'll be eating in a diner, hallway across the world and we'll lock eyes and realize who we are. Or I might recognize you from a profile picture or a photo in your album. But of all the billions of people in this world, chances are, finding one will never be possible.

I just want to take a moment to appreciate all of you, this may or may not turn into a slight shout out story that we all used to do in the Golden Age of Quibblo, I don't know. I'm just pouring out the words from my heart.

They say, you can never choose your family, but you can choose your friends. Quibblo was always like a second home to me, it was like a secret pleasure where I can just, forget about school, joke around, meet new people, and start new friendships. Until Quibblo I had no idea that I could write, because I didn't know how, even getting that first chapter start shaped how I tell my life stories. Quibblo was like my secret pleasure, I never told anyone about it.

I remember, before many of you came, or before many of you came back. If someone was picked on, we all came together and fought back. At more than a few points there was a war, passionate, friendly Quibblonians on different sides fighting for their user that they felt needed the back up.

I remember when advice columns were all the rage, there were at least five of them in my inbox every week. There was Quibblo Prom and Chat rooms that our very own users would make up out of the blue. " Friend thems' were everywhere. I remember when I would be gone for a week and my inbox would be filled to the thousands and above.

I remember when messaging wasn't such a painful experience.

I'm going to share this with you, I personally hate messaging. I know a lot of you have messaged me, and I won't reply for weeks or a month. Weeks ago I had 32 personal messages that I was in need to reply too, I had put them off for months, until Quibblo eventually completely deleted them from my Inbox.

It's just, all those eccentric, fun, happy people that I used to message like wildfire. They're almost all gone. I feel like one of those endangered species because all we're doing is just thinning out one my one. There was this question I saw about a month ago, it was something about to go through your folders or whatever it is where some mail is saved, and to go to page 7 and paste what was there.

I didn't answer the question because what was there was just memories, I was literally on the verge of tears. I had clicked on one of the user's invites in particular, and just read it over and over trying to come up with what the story was that she had invited me too. When I clicked on the user, it said she had deleted a year ago.

All you oldies here, Nera and Alexis, Emily and Amber, all you I can't think of I'm sure have got to your old folders at one point or another and just read. There is nothing quite like reading something that reminds you of the fantastic part of your past then realizing that person that cared is gone forever until a little part of their brain says, " Maybe, if I just logged on... "

I was on my friends profile a few minutes ago when this entire story dawned on me to make, she's the fifth person on my friends list and she will stay there for eternity until the world blows up in some huge atomic bomb. She was one my greatest friends I had ever met and I truly cared about her, I wanted to know what she was going through and if I could help any with the tough time she was in.

All of a sudden she stopped coming on, and I haven't heard from her since. Occasionally I'll send her a message just to remind her how much I still care. I never get a reply, but, its worth it that maybe she'll log back on to read all those messages I left. I still remember when her birthday is and i'll send her a little message of balloons, sometimes at Christmas and all the major holidays.

Because though sure, she did leave us. She never truly left, or at least she didn't truly leave me.

When I was scrolling through her profile I actually had a few tears stream down my face, I don't quite know why, since I've never fully met any of you, but you can be damn sure that after all we've been through it feels like we have been friends for the longest time.

I'm sure that some of you will say that you'll never get any of those little messages about how much people miss or care about you. You may be lonely or shy and just feel unwanted

Well, here is your letter, from me to you

I love you like the sibling I've always wanted. You have been there for me to make me laugh, and have written with such skill to make me cry. All those quizzes you come up with are pure genius, that sure, they may need a little bit of tweaking but human error is completely ok. We will always have that friendship that even miles away is one of the strongest bonds. Caring about you is a priority that I hold dear, and even if I may not reply quick enough to be part of the solution. You need to clap for everyone that was. I want to here all about the things you did and the interesting things that fascinate you and your imagination with that little spark of creativity. If there is anyone as school bullying you, know that while they teased and played, their making you stronger for the real world. There will always be someone that cares, making a few yards away or complete miles or kilometers, even a virtual-screen by screen friendship can be stronger than anything else in the whole world.

And maybe, just maybe, when some of us log on to the dusty, Microsoft driven website we know now as Quibblo. We'll scroll through our inbox with a smile on our face on what this place once was and hopefully, will become again


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