Group Story, haven't done one in a while

Chapter 1

The Bully Story Spin off series????

I'm the author of the book series The Bully Story along with two other people from Quibblo, well The Bully Story 2 and 3 goes through the life of Steve Richardson, Jade Marti and the past of Steve Richardson and Delilah (no last name), well the spin off series will still feature Steve Richardson and Jade Marti (may or may not be the same author for Jade, hopefully she'll enjoy doing it) So the bully story 2 or The Bully Story 3 on quibblo (not done) Ends with Steve Richardson and Jade Marti getting married, the spin off will tell the story of Steve and Jade's kids (age range should be bout 9-12 years old) and the forgotten story of Jade's little sister who was kidnapped and killed.

I'm looking for 3-9 writers who will be active (I suggest at least reading the bully story 2 before joining the story) 2 of the writers will be the children of Steve Richardson and well now Jade Richardson but we'll consider her Marti in the story, 1 writer will be Steve's sister and the others will be family friends or friends of Steve's kids

Basic info for characters
Character you'd like to be (Family friend, Steve's children,etc.)
that's bout all I need

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