The Frog and The Rabbit

FrUK story of when they were young, Iggy little chibi & France young boy.

Chapter 1

Lonely Ones

Once upon a time, in the land of Europe, there lived a little French boy with beautiful golden hair & beautiful gowns. His name was Francis & he enjoyed playing about the meadows all day, but with no one to share the fun with, it was rather lonely.
Not far away, there lived a small English boy by the name of Arthur. Arthur enjoyed wandering the woods & meeting the fairies living there, but it wasn't the same as having a human friend.
As Fate had her good days, the two met eyes over a green meadow. Francis smiled at the boy across the green sea, Arthur smiled shyly back. Green met blue, beauty met modest, Rabbit met Frog.

And so, the story goes like this...

Francis & Arthur became good friends, learning things from each other & having fun arguments about nothing & everything. Arthur quizzed Francis about his gowns & fancy hair, while Francis asked Arthur about the fairies & monsters. The two had become the very best of friends, nothing was able to separate them, not Fae or fancy.
Like Fate, Destiny let down a hand to take Fates' & the duo were called to do something they'd never done before: Test their friendship.


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