Bullying Speech for my class

I do not mean to offend anyone

Chapter 1

..................yea............ It was for a class and competetion.

looks down in pain //My stomach hurts, I have head aches everyday now. The girls are spreading rumors, and telling secrets, I feel like I don't belong here anymore... Or that I ever belonged for that matter. Am I truly useless like they say? I don't know what to do anymore.. Maybe I should just leave...Goodbye cruel world.//

Can you image how it feels to be bullied everyday of your life? Well sadly enough 160,000 people know how it feels to be told your useless, no one would care if you would die today. That's 1 out of every 4 Americans. and only 1 out every 10 will speak up against their bully and tell the world their story. They need our help. Many don't get the help, they need and start considering a "quick solution out of it" which turns out to be suicide. Students as young as 10 years old are already considering suicide and are 2 to 9 times more likely to commit suicide than a student who doesn't get bullied. This is why their is approximately 4,400 lives lost every year. Many consider, few plan and even less commit. Out of the few who commit, most end up living another day of life. This is why we have to watch out physical, verbal, emotional, and cyber. Physical bullying can occur at any where or anytime. This is why 282,00 people a month are being physically attacked. Can you image how it feels to be randomly pushed around like a rag doll. However not everyone attacks physically, some attack verbal. And the problem with verbal is that once you start to hear something over and over again, you start to believe it. Till you get to the point, you are no longer able to tell the difference between what they say and the truth. They believe that they will never be better and no one believes they can ever be. Emotion bullying, is when their words and actions make you feel worthless... but the truth is your not. However people seem more focused on cyber bullying, since everyone is in their phones. Everyone wants to hear about everyone's else's lifes though to be honest they don't really care.

Millions of people are getting bulled like this, but not all have the strength to carry on. I'm not here to say that bullying is wrong. We already know that. I'm here to saying many people are suffering and need our help but wherever they turn they are getting shunned. It's about time people who actually care get together and help those who need it. However this may never happen if we don't put our differences aside and solve the problem that's been going on for way to long. Thanks for listening, more like reading in this case.

hides behind a wall If I offended anyone I'm sorry, please don't hate me I wanted to share my hard work in memories my speech I had to write.


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