So.. Much... Snow........

I just thought I'd share with you my thoughts on all this snow..

Chapter 1


by: QueenLila
So I don't know if you've heard, but there's this kind of really big storm hitting New England. They started shutting things down yesterday, before it even sort of started snowing. During my first class, they announced that all after school activities would be cancelled and everyone has to be out by 3. I love my after school activities, especially newspaper club (the one I should have had yesterday). But no, cancelled.. I nearly didn't get out of the building in time either, because I had to talk to the drama teacher.. shakes head I had a lot of things I needed to do and the snow is ruining all of them...
My friend - she came from Russia - was complaining to us about how "these lame Americans don't know how to handle snow" and "this is everyday in Russia" which I guess makes sense, but seeing how much snow there is now (we already have more then 2 feet and we've still got a full day of snow ahead) I think we're allowed to be this freaked out by it..

And to top everything off, the tea set is still on the bloody roof.

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