Diseased/Deceased (Apocalyptic Group Story)

In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, six people join together in these undesirable circumstances and must live with each-other, build trust, fight and most of all, survive to get through these dark times. Read the bloody, horrific experience of Baria Wake, Heloise Delacroix, Sacha Carlyle, Derrik Magellan, Danielle Nolahn and Jack Hopkins.
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Chapter 1

Sick People - Baria Wake

by: Melarose
I stand in the darkest corner of my bedroom, trying to hide the best I can in the shadows. I hold a dagger in one hand, as if I actually am skilled with it. I know how to use it, I just don't exactly have many times when I need to. I can hear banging on the door, and I'm not sure what to do. I could open the door and fight whatever person broke into my house, or I could break a window and escape and probably hurt myself, seeing as I'm the top floor. I tried the police, nobody answered.

I sit down, panicking. The knocking on the door was getting more intense, and a snarling noise was scratching my ears. I wonder what psycho has broken into my house. I figure if they do break in, I can manage to escape, or something.

Then, the door splinters. Hands are grasping into the spikes of wood the door has broken into and they're bleeding. I hold the knife out, eyes wide with fright as the person pulls the door apart.

I jump at man's appearance. Their skin has turned a pale color, nearly grey, and their eyelids pale blue-purple, same as various creases on the man's face. His lips are dark purple, the color of bruises, and the eyes are glazed over with pale grey irises, as if they lost all pigmentation. In short, he looked dead.

He growled an inhuman growl as he stumbled forward like a drunk, glazed eyes locking with mine. I scramble up in the corner as he chargers.

Luckily, my instincts kick in and I kick him directly in the face. His head wrenches upwards, and stays like that. I apparently broke his neck. Then, I hear him growl again, and his head flopped forward. A shiver of fright stings my skin as I see he-it, I'm beginning to think, is still alive. I jump up and dart out of the room, slamming the door shut behind me and shoving a nearby broom in the handles. I swing around the corner and practically fall down the stairs. I open the door to my home and stand there for a moment, frozen.

Hundreds of people, my neighbors, are roaming the streets. They all shuffle around, not appearing to know what's going on. Then, I see a familiar person in the midst. I recognize her by her hazelnut-brown hair in curls around her shoulders, and by her sophisticated yet sexy clothing choice, and even by the curves shaping her body.

"Sydney!" I call out. She doesn't respond. I jog over to her, and grab her shoulder. "Syd-" I begin. She spins around with jolting movements and stares me in the eyes. Her eyes are as big and her mascara is as perfect as usual, but her irises are the pale, lifeless grey I had seen on the person inside my home. I jump back as she bares her teeth in a snarl. I back up slowly.

"Sydney?" I ask, breathlessly, as she looks more ferocious by the moment. I race back into the house when she charges. I get into the house and swing the door shut, locking and leaning against it at whiplash speed. I stare out the peephole in the door and see her wandering around outside, looking confused. I'm realizing something.

She's just a walking corpse. Brainless, heartless, and dead. They all are, every person that used to be my neighbor. I collapse to the floor in a heap, feeling quite hopeless. Why am I the only one not, I don't know, diseased? They're either sick, or dead. But there's no way they could be up and walking if they're all dead... so they aren't dead. They look unmistakably like corpses, though.

I sit on the ground, and realize. Sydney's out there. The only person I really love anymore besides my family. My family... are they infected? Dead? I feel hot tears streak down my cheeks. I haven't cried in ages, but I suppose this is worth crying about.

Then I sit up. I need to get out of here. They're all outside, roaming, and if I stay here around them to long I could get sick as well. I should find the nearest hospital, maybe they'll be giving out vaccinations or something.

I stick my knife in my belt loop, not sure what I'm planning to do with it. I grab my wallet and stick that in my pocket. I grab a backpack in case I need to carry any medicine. I'll help however I can to save my neighbors, especially Sydney. I finally tie a bandanna around my nose and mouth, so I don't breathe in a virus that may be in the air, and leave through the back of my home.

The only sounds I hear are occasional, pain-filled, tired-sounding groans from the infected people. I ignore the pain of walking away from Sydney in her time of need as I make my way to the hospital, only a couple blocks away from my neighborhood.

The air is chillier then usual. No snow is on the ground, the air is just cold and windy. My least favorite kind of weather. Nervousness is panging in my stomach, half from fear of what doctors in the hospital may say and half from the sickening thought that maybe nobody would be there at all.

When I reach the building and wrench open the doors, I feel my stomach drop. The image in front of me is grisly. Blood is smeared on the walls and I see what appears to be a severed thigh draped on a broken table. I have to stop myself just from throwing up at the sight.

"Hello?" I call into the building, though very quietly. I can't bring myself to yell. I'm beginning to realize just what's happening with these infected people. They're extremely dangerous, for one thing, and according to the chewed flesh of the leg on the table, they're eating people.

Cannibalistic, deadly, and mindless. What will diseases do next?

I breathe deeply and am about to leave, when I see about twenty of the infected standing outside the door, staring straight at me. I feel every hair on my body stand on end as I stare back, not sure what to do. Either I venture farther into the gory halls or I end up like these remains.

I keep walking. I avoid the corpses but allow myself to step in blood, seeing as it's practically everywhere. I step into a small room to regain my composure, since I'm extremely dizzy just from the horror of this all. Antibiotics line the walls on shelves. I can't return home. I have to get somewhere... free of these infected, for now. I should get medicine. I dump simple ibuprofen, albuterol, aspirin, melatonin, tums and a few other more powerful drugs (including syringes with a bottle of sedative) into a smaller pocket of my backpack.

I leave the cold, dark room and continue on my way. Really, I feel calmer now. I've grown a tad bit more accustomed to the blood and know that I really can hear the infected, so if one would come, I would hear it and would probably be able to escape. I just need to find a way out, and, if I can, living, healthy people.

I reach a set of doors. I sigh in relief and pull on the handles, only to find out that they're locked. I bang on the doors in extreme annoyance and weariness. They don't open, and I know that if I break the glass I'm sure to attract some unwanted attention.

Then, I hear a sound. An echo through the halls, a low growl. Then, it more turns into a raspy snarl as I hear it getting closer.


Then I see it. It turns the hallway. A girl maybe a bit older then me, shorter, but stronger built. I know fighting them doesn't help. Right now, in this sick state they're in, they're like bloodthirsty animals. I take my dagger out of my belt loop and hold it out away from my face and towards the person.

I brace myself for the maiming I might just have to do, until the person falls down with an animalistic yelp of pain. A shorter, younger girl then me is standing there with a rusty knife. She had just stabbed the person in what appeared to be the person's back. She was breathing heavily, and looked frightened. She looked sad, to. She wore classy, heavy-looking clothing and had long brown hair in a braid. High cheekbones, hollow cheeks. Slightly tanned, white skin.

"Thank you." I manage to utter the words, though I'm not sure they were the right ones. "Have you seen any doctors?"

She shakes her head silently, lowering the knife. "Only... pieces of them." She said, with a slight French accent. A shudder ran through her body.

"Do you know what this is, at all?" I ask, trying to sound calm and collected, trying to ignore the fact that she had just murdered a person.

"No." She says. "Just that people are getting sick... and, and killing people. Eating them."

I am silent for a moment. "Why are you here?" I ask her.

"My cousin. He left me come here a little while ago. I don't know where he is now." She said hollowly.

"How long has this... been happening?" I ask. I feel like it's been longer then I think.

"I'm not sure." She says. "But I think it's getting worse. They look like dead people walking."

I nod. "Do you know a way out of here?"

"Maybe, some of the windows are open around here." She says. "In the rooms, I mean."

I have about a million more questions to ask, just because of the sick feeling of relief I get just from seeing another healthy person.

I begin walking towards her and I see her tense up. She's obviously quite frazzled. I slow down and walk up to her. "We should try to find a way out." I say, raising my eyebrows. She nods.

I go into a room I haven't been in before. It appears to be a gift shop or something, as if a hospital would need one. There are awkward little stuffed animals of blood cells and syringes and stuff like that, and then there are bags of chex-mix and hard candies and water bottles. I grab six bottles of water and three bottles of Gatorade and a pack of granola bars. I stuff them all in my bag and grab a bag of popcorn, just for a snack, if I feel I need it. I usually don't eat many snacks, though, seeing as track is practically my life at the moment. Or, was. I'm not really sure about it, now, looking at the situation I'm currently in.

She grabs a few things of her own, and I just take some band-aids and gauze and random prescription drugs from behind the counter and toss them in.

"Here's a staircase." She says suddenly. There's a staircase leading up, which is odd, seeing as there's only one floor. It falls out of the ceiling like attic stairs.

We climb the stairs and find ourselves on the roof.

We're not to high off the ground, and it's a relief to be in the fresh air. She follows as I jump off the rooftop and land on my feet. We look around briefly. No infected in sight, at the moment.

We escape to the nearest house, a small one. We sit in the living room for a little while, contemplating our day.

"What's your name, by the way?" I ask her with a melancholy tone.

"Heloise." She says, not giving her last name.

"I'm Baria." I say calmly. "We'd better get some rest. I trust you won't stab me in my sleep, seeing as I'm currently the only healthy person around you and it's good to have company in times like these?"

She nearly cracks a smile. She seems like the kind of person who is usually happy, or at least outgoing. Something got her down. I wonder if she found her cousin, and in not the way she wanted. I don't ask. I've only just met her.

I go upstairs to a bedroom and lie down. Believe it or not, I fall asleep soon. Today's been tough, and scary. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Probably something even more terrible. At least I have some company.


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