Avengers Roleplay Request

Hello! I'm very excited to roleplay this so please read on for further information.

Chapter 1

The Request

Hello my dears and thank you for clicking on this. I'm still new to this website so my sincerest apologies if you clicked on this expecting something different. But anyway I'm looking to roleplay the Avengers or truly any of the films with the characters from the Avengers group. As of this moment I have seen all but the second Avengers and the second Thor film but I'm getting around to it! :)

But aside from that I'm going to go right on and list my rules since that's always a must. ^^

1. So I'll go on ahead and say this now but I really am passionate about writing and typing so I would very much appreciate length, quantity and quality. Although what I'm willing to type does kind of vary but where I like to keep it is between 1,300 words to 2,000 words. I'm happy to go above but not too far below that. Sorry but I've been writing a lot since I was 14 years old so I'm not too willing to go under that.

2. As for person and tense I'm flexible on tense but not person. Third person is what I highly prefer for roleplaying but tense I'm more flexible on.

3. As for the time between replies I like to keep it around 2 days at most because while I do have a job I usually spend time more at home grading stuff and then by the time I'm done I don't really want to go out. Yes, I'm rather boring but I'm okay with that! I am one of those people who enjoy staying in on weekends with a cup of hot chocolate and a book or a roleplay.

4. When it comes to limits I'm fairly open but I'm not comfortable with: incest, bestiality, pedophilia, and roleplaying with people younger than 18. Although since you have to be (or you should be based on what the guidelines say) 18 years old to sign up on here that shouldn't be a major issue. This also means I'm one of those mature roleplayers so if there are certain things you refuse to write then let me know so we can figure out just exactly if we're compatible (since this system doesn't allow certain words if you know what I mean).

5. Mary-Sues or "perfect" characters suck the fun out of roleplays as do Tragic-Sues or really sad characters. Please try to keep yourself from going overboard with an OC's ability if they have one. Obviously there's only one real Hulk and others so be creative! :)

6. I'm still attempting to fully figure this system out so currently I only roleplay through e-mails because that is where I'm the most comfortable.

7. All I ask is when you message me you include your crush(es) in the subject line and in the message body put your limits, if there's a plotline you already have thought up for your side (obviously this isn't mandatory!), and your email. ^_^ I really look forward to getting at least a few messages from you guys.


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