\\ Roleplay Request

Hi there! This is basically an updated version of a request i posted a few months back. there are only slight changes, but nonetheless, please take a look!

Chapter 1

∾ The List ∾ Guidelines


Hello there and welcome to another roleplay request on here! I shall place my list ahead so you can see if anything strikes your fancy, as I find it a bit tiring to read through the rules only to find nothing of interest. There is a password though, so please take some time to read all of it! If you have found the password, put it in the subject line of your message.
In case we have been roleplaying already and I have not been responding, I am dearly sorry! My email system has not been working properly, and I am afraid some messages have not been getting through.
I am only roleplaying what is on the list below. If it has a ♞, it means I am craving it! That does not mean I will turn down anyone; although cravings are a priority to me.


Movies / Books / TV

- Harry Potter
- Twilight
- Gossip Girl
- Criminal Minds
- Game of Thrones
- Divergent
- The Hunger Games ♞
- The Maze Runner ♞
- Teen Wolf ♞
- The Vampire Diaries / The Originals
- Avatar: The Last Airbender


Send me your ideas / prompts! I am up for (nearly) everything!



Rules & Regulations

001. I role play only over email. Message me on here and I will give you my address.

002. As for length, I can probably adjust to anything. My usual take per side is 700 words. I am sorry, but for the time being.

003. I am okay with violence, limes, lemons, cursing. However, I will never write water sports or bestiality. I am okay with FxF and MxM as well, but I will not write explicit lemons for those. If you want it extra spicy / fluffy, please state so in your message.

004. Please do not use text talk, unless it is an actual text and even then I am not fancying it. Pay attention to proper grammar use, and I shall do the same. I understand if English is not your first language, but please use spell check or something. Oh, and if you message me like this "hey do u wanna rp" I most likely will not reply. I am sorry.

005. I pretty much have tons of crushes in every fandom I list. So we will surely find a solution! If you have a craving that's missing on my list, I am more than up to playing it for your side! With that being said, I usually roleplay My OC x My love interest along with Your OC x Your love interest. No 1x1.

006. Do not like our roleplay? Tell me right away! I am sure we could figure out something together :) Also, if you want to end the roleplay, please tell me in a brief message; no reason required. Just do not leave me hanging, please. the password is your favorite song. With that being said, I know connections can be buggy sometimes. In that case, if I have received no reply in 10 - 15 days, I will ask you whether you are busy or did not even get my post. I think that is fair enough. ^.^

Thank you very much for your time! Please have a nice day~


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