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This won't be like When The World Ends in the way that the characters won't be the same and mine at least won't be heterosexual. Anyways, that story's done now, so stay tuned for my newest zombie story below~
help with zombie reasons; http://www.cracked.com/article_15643_5-scientific-reasons-zombie-apocalypse-could-actually-happen.html

Chapter 1

Disease and all that

by: Melarose
The time is now, the setting in the U.S. It all started with a small disease outbreak in the wetter, hotter regions of South America. A parasite most likely transmitted from animals with a single bite or close contact has affected a few people. Only a few, who had shown Creutzfeldt-Jakob symptoms, but far worse. They seemed to be twitching, having rapid seizures, delirious, stumbling with movements. They were being treated, but then the symptoms got worse. They began losing all sense of thought, all sense of reason. They could only perform simple tasks, like eating and movement. They couldn't talk or have functional thoughts. Then, then became mad. Every time someone came near them, they tried to bite and claw, and essentially, eat.
Eventually, those infected achieved their goals. They bit their doctors and nurses. Luckily, they were saved before they were eaten. They were put under care, but their symptoms grew the same as those infected. The same and even worse. The whole hospital became infected, then the whole city, then the whole country, then the whole continent. This disease spread to North America and beyond through bites. It has appeared as well that if a human is killed by one of the infected, they somehow revive themselves and the disease still takes place. It is unknown how to fight them, how to save yourself.
Six people in the midst of this, without their families, without their friends, will have to learn this for themselves, together.
They will see if they can survive, and maybe even beat this disease.


Okay, so this is clearly a zombie story in case you didn't notice. I figured why not try again? Plus I really like just a handful of zombie apocalypse stories with a different reason and stuff and characters if that makes any sense to anyone. Anyways, this one is kind of a mixture of creutzfeldt-jakob and toxoplasmosa gondii so whatever. This story will involve most likely 6 people from probably like 17-24 in age because why not be specific plus I want ADULTS. They'll probably not have alot of love because that is NOT the focus during a zombie apocalypse, but small things like random sex (pls do not describe it thank you just like fade to black or something this is a not a porno) and kissing and stuff is fine because whatever. Please write within two weeks, because after that, I will skip you. Also, when writing, do not call them zombies. Like most zombie things, they haven't heard of the zombie concept. So call them walkers or biters or geeks or whatever because I do not care. Now go ahead and sign up~


Rules (read these please, they're here for your character's sake)

1. Do not make a super dark/punk/goth/moody/whatever character. I know this is the zombie apocalypse but we can't have just a huge group of moody people. One or two is fine, but please be more creative.
2. No saying your character is beautiful, I like average or slightly pretty people. If you want them to be beautiful, just DESCRIBE them in the way that you find beautiful.
3. No "slim yet curvy" bodies, please. Normal people, not models.
4. Like specified in the section above, love interest is not necessary. They'll probably just be occasionally doing the frick frack or kissing or hugging or whatever because who even cares. Oh, and I'm changing the "love interest" section to "sexuality" because it's not like you can determine the characters. I'll let nature take it's course.
5. I really, really love a diverse story. I don't like all white girls with blonde hair and blue doe eyes and skinny waists. I like an assortment, with POC, different colored hair, eyes, different clothing styles and personalities. It makes for a much more interesting, readable and overall great group.
6. In-depth characters and forms are very nice. Go into story a little bit for each category, make me and yourself believe in the character.
7. Remember that they live in the U.S, specifically, Virginia. City is up to you, since they aren't all like roommates or something. This doesn't mean they're from the U.S, it's just a reminder for when writing. Virgian has forests and lakes and cities and stuff. They'll be travelling in the story.
8. Realistic appearance. Not just about them not being extremely beautiful with perfect bodies, but also no saying like they're half-zombie or a zombie's daughter or something like goodness gracious.
9. Out of the six characters, I'd like at least 2 men. Keep that in mind when choosing the gender (though of course you can have a trans/nonbinary/agender/demiwhatever character, I'm just saying not only cisgendr girl characters).
10. Diversity in sexuality, of course, though again, romance isn't a must in this story.
11. Realistic names, but go ahead and be creative. Something like Lillian Moon is more memorable then like Mary Jones, but keep it like that. Just slightly creative so that it's memorable, but not overboard like Blueberry Starfeather or anything.
12. Realistic weapons pls thanks, and good reasons why they'd have them. No swords or like military guns or throwing knives please. Weapons are guns, hunting knives, pocket knives and trash melee weapons (baseball bats, broken boards, lead pipes).


Character Form (comment with this form, do not make your own, please)

Age- (17-24)
Sexuality- (you might have to put a bold or something in this word because of this website's stupid censoring rules)
Appearance- (detailed, feel free to include links)
Clothing- (they only have one pair, they'll wash em and stuff don't worry kids)


My Character

Name- Baria Wake
Gender- Female
Age- 22
Sexuality- Demiromantic Bisexual
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 148 lbs
Appearance- Baria in the beginning of the story has mid-length dark brown hair in wavy dreadlocks that are often pinned in the back to keep them from her eyes. Later on in the story, she shaves her head to avoid the possibility of getting caught on something, and because it's frankly to much work. She has dark brown, slanted eyes with eyeliner and long lashes, arched eyebrows and full light brown lips. She has brown skin a bit lighter then her hair color and high cheekbones but a slightly round face, despite her strong jawline. Baria is tall and slender, with muscle definition in her arms and legs. She has a flatter chest and smaller hips, but she has long legs and an athletic body.
Personality- Baria, like her name means, is very efficient. She does what she wants to do and does it quickly. She is laid-back and mild-mannered but she often has a look of disinterest and annoyance on her face. She can be seen as cold and a bit selfish, on account of her doing things to benefit herself often. In her opinion, she's the strongest of a lot of people both physically and mentally and she thinks she should be saved. Baria does have a soft spot, though, and that's when she really cares about someone she would do anything to protect them. Her soft spot as well is mainly for children, and she'll always protect one in need, though when she's around other people she'll appear indifferent to them but will keep them close to her and care for them. Most children naturally like her. Though that's the case, Baria does little to stop any rumors or insults about her being selfish or mean. She doesn't care very much what others think of her, and is very independent, though her little emotions when making decisions gives her great leadership qualities. She is rarely seen smiling except when she's doing something she's passionate about, or feeling genuinely happy. She likes taking care of herself and doesn't care what she looks like as long as it's beneficial to her in some way. She is dismissive to little issues and would do what it takes to get to her goal even if it means a bit of pain to herself or to others. Baria is also quite good with weapons and fighting in general, and hardly fears the zombies. It's a sickness, that's all it is to her, and she's not about to get infected.
Clothing- Baria wears a loose, long white tank top over dark blue skinny jeans. She wears short brown leather hiking boots and at first a black denim sleeveless vest over the tank tops, but later steals a warm poncho off a corpse. She'll probably shoplift and take more things of corpses later so you know stay tuned. She also wears a woven bracelet on her right wrist, but no other jewelry.
Weapons- Baria carries a hunting knife she holds in a belt loop on her jeans, along with a handgun she plucked off someone that she keeps on her other belt loop. She'll collect ammo as the book progresses, as well as possibly more weapons. She has good martial arts skills and can climb as well.
Background- Baria grew up with parents that didn't care much about her, resulting in her living mainly with her aunt who had four kids of her own. Baria helped her with them often, resulting in Baria's soft spot for young children. At one point in her life, her actual father got a little drunk and a lot angry and tried to kill her by drowning her but she managed to escape and her father was arrested. She then lived with her aunt and her mother, who was trying to shape up. She grew up making her own way in the world and earning money for her poor family who all mainly lived in small two-bedroom apartment in the city, meaning she shared a bedroom with the three slightly older children and her mother and her aunt and the youngest child shared a room. She went through a lot of hardship in her life and eventually moved out when she was old enough, and now still knows that hard work results in the best results, always. Also, when she moved out, she went to college and met her girlfriend, Sydney, who brightened up her life a lot and made a lot of things seem better for her, as she was a very cheery person and made Baria cheery as well. Sydney and her break up, but they remain close friends and when she dies visibly in the apocalypse Baria becomes darker and much less open to people.
Family- She escaped from the city alone, so it is unknown wether any of her family members are alive. She has a mother (Charlize), her father (Baako), her aunt (Ayo), her oldest twin cousins (Babirye and Akuchi), her second-oldest cousin (Chima), and her youngest cousin (Alaba). Life status is unknown for all of them.
Other- Baria was almost forcibly drowned when she was eight and has a forever fear of the water.


Okay, sign up! This will end whenever I feel like I've seen the characters I want for the story.

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