Crossing-Percy Jackson Fanfiction

A young demigod was found inside the forest in Camp Half Blood. She woke with no memory of her past or what had caused her to appear there. Her godly parent won't even claim her. On another hand, she also has a strange feeling that she doesn't belong...

Chapter 1


(CHARACTERS OTHER THAN JENNA BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. Also, this story happens in between The Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.)

The place I open my eyes to is a field full of starlight. The moon lights the ground around me and shimmers off the surface of a small creek a few footsteps away from where I'm laying. I slowly get to my feet and look around. I see some deer frolicking and snacking on the silvery grass in a meadow across the creek, and I hold my breath. I slowly reach for the bow on my shoulder and pull an arrow from my quiver and slowly, carefully, pull the arrow back. I breath out and let it go without a sound, and one of the deer falls over. The rest scatter, leaping away into the darkness to get away from my weapon. I sling my bow back over my shoulder. I could shoot every one of those deer without trying if I wanted to. I can tell just by assessment that it would be fairly easy, but one is enough for right now. I hop the creek, and walk over to where the deer lays, and pulled out my hunting knife before starting to skin it. I then prepare a fire and start to cook the meat. After the meat is done cooking, I scrape a portion into the the flames which lick the dark speckled sky with tongues of orange and yellow. I start to whisper a prayer to... Who? The name of my godly parent fades like fog in the afternoon along with my memories. My vision grows hazy as I fight back against the mental block. The small meadow no longer looks peaceful, but dank and dark, as if it could be hiding any array of monstrosities. I can feel myself spasming, and then I opened my eyes for the second time...

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