Roaring Like A Lion-Harry Potter Fanfiction

Ebony Malfoy has been raised on the belief that muggle-borns and anyone associated with them are stupid and mindless, and she believed it until she met Albus. No matter how infuriating he is, she still can't make herself hate him. He's sweet and kind, and before she knows it, Ebony has fallen for him. But she doesn't want to risk her father's love or her steady belief that muggle-borns are bad news for a relationship, and Albus won't have any of it. Will Ebony be able to put aside her hate?

Chapter 1

Ebony Malfoy

I stared out the window of the cab, as the muggles called them, watching the raindrops race down the scarred glass. Her heart raced as the car rolled over a bump in the rode. She turned her head to watch her father whip his bright pale blonde head towards the driver.
"Can't you drive more bloody carefully?" He hissed. "We can't afford to crash and be late!"
"Calm down, Mr. Malfoy. We'll be there soon." The driver said in his gruff voice, looking incredible annoyed. I roll my eyes. Muggles. I had been crazily surprised when mom and dad had told me that we had to get to Kings Cross Station via muggle car seeing as we all hate them so much, but they had said that there was no other way. I flinched as we crashed over a bump again and I watched as my father opened his mouth to complain indignantly, but was interrupted by the car skidding to a stop. He closed his mouth and shot a deathly glare at the driver before turning to me.
"Go on, get out Ebony. I'll be out in a second." He says before turning to his pockets. I nod quickly and grab my trunk and cage holding my new owl, Bellona, who screeches angrily at me for disturbing her slumber, and climb out of the car. I then start walking towards the station. After a few meters, I hear angry voices and a car door slam, and my father appears at my side. He still looks pretty ticked off but he manages a smile and ruffles my pale blonde hair, the exact shade as his.
"You ready for this?" He asks, before grabbing an abandoned trolly lying on its side a few feet away. I set my trunk and Bellona on it, and he pushes it for me.
"I think so. But what if I get out into Gryffindor? I don't think I could stand attending lessons let alone sleeping in the same room as a bunch of mudbloods." I sneer in disgust. My father smiles.
"You'll be fine. The sorting hat would never be stupid enough to sort you into Gryffindor, and anyways, it usually puts members of the same family into the same house. You're pretty much guaranteed a spot in Slytherin." He says supportively. I try to smile back, but worry still nibbles at the inside of my stomach. I decide to ignore it, instead deciding to think about quidditch, my favourite sport. Sure they never accepted first years on the house teams, but father'd told me dozens of times about his least favourite person in the world whilst at Hogwarts, Harry Potter, getting on the Gryffindor house team in his first year. 'He must have been awfully good,' I'd always say, jokingly. Father would smirk and pinch my cheek affectionately. 'If you think of a blundering badger as good at quidditch, then of course you would think that.' Then he'd laugh and I'd ask him to tell me a story. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I snap back to reality to see Father looking down at me. I look around and see that we're already at the brick beam between platforms 9 and 10.
"Do you want to go through first?" Father asks me. I grin widely.
"Definitely." I grab hold of the trolley, and start charging towards the entrance to platform 9 3/4, my pastel hair blowing out behind me. I close my eyes when I get close to the wall, waiting for the impact that I know will never come, and rip my eyes open again in three seconds to see the hidden platform. A cherry red steam engine sits, perched on the rails like a bird on a branch, excited and terrified that something will come after it and make it flee. I try to hold back my smiles as my father's form melts through the barrier. He joins me, and we both look around for the Zabini family. My brother, Scorpius had stayed with them and their son Matthew over the summer, and from his letters to me, it didn't seem like he'd had much fun. I spotted them first, almost doing a double take because he looked so much like father.
"They're over there." I say to father, pointing. Last year had been Scorpius's first year, and I remember having been depressed for a few weeks after he had left because I'd wanted to go so bad. Then I'd been depressed anyway because mother had died two months later, in the middle of December. She'd been run over by a stupid muggle, two days after Christmas. What a present. But I couldn't think of her now, or I'd burst in tears and this wasn't supposed to be a sad day, it was supposed to be a happy one.
My father ushered me over to the Zabinis, and Scorpius looked so excited to see us that he ran over and pulled me aside. Father continued walking.
"Thank goodness." Scorpius said. "I couldn't bear to sit there with them any longer!" Then he looked at his watch. "Blimey-what took you so long?"
"The muggle taxi driver didn't driver very fast." I said in annoyance.
"It probably wasn't the drivers fault," Scorpius smiled. That was one of the things that made us so different. Scorpius loved muggles and muggle-borns, while I simply despised them. He was even friends with that Weasley kid, Rose. He was always talking about 'Rose this' and 'Rose that' at home which annoyed father and I both but we put up with him because he was impossible to hate. He'd been placed into Slytherin even though it was incredibly hard to believe. I rolled my eyes at him and turned away, looking around to see if there was anyone else around worth my time, but I was cut off by the sound of the train whistling loudly. I ran over to father who hugged me.
"Write me every week," he said worriedly. He had become a bit more paranoid and anxious after mom's death. I smiled.
"I will, cross my heart!" I giggled. He pulled me in for one last hug, before kissing my cheek and letting go. He then handed me my trunk and owl, and waved at me as I started to walk towards the large cherry steam engine. Scorpius joined me in step, and I held my breath as I boarded the Hogwarts Express for the very first time.
After a virtually uneventful train ride, the train slowed to a stop. I'd spent the day watching Scorpius and Rose goof off. Despite being a year older than me, they'd treated me as if I was much younger, and I was tired of it. I was the first off the train, and the first to meet Hagrid, the large, half-giant buffoon my father had warned me about. He didn't seem anything like how my father had described him, but I still stood a few feet away from him and kept to myself.

Hagrid led us away from the train towards the docks were a numerous amount of boats sat, ties to the slick, damp wood of the docks. I got in first, and three other first years joined me. Hagrid waved a pink umbrella which he seemed to have produced from his huge, furry coat, and all the ropes disappeared off the boats which started to make their way in three lines towards the other side of the lake. The boats glided smoothly across as if the ropes were pulling us, but I couldn't see anything attached to the heads of the boats. I spent the whole ride trying to figure out the mechanics of the boats and only realized when the ride was over that I should have been admiring the view. The boats bumped the sandy shore of the entrance under the castle, and we all looked up to see a young, blonde witch who looked pretty carefree. Hagrid looked surprised.

"Where's Professor Mcgonagall?" He asked in his rough voice.
"She became headmistress last year, Rubeus, remember? I'm the transfiguration professor now." She turned and smiled at us. "Hello first years! I'm Professor Hannah Abbot, head of the Hufflepuff house! And if you'll follow me this way, we'll be able to get you to the choosing ceremony safely, and in time!" She spoke to us as if we were five instead of eleven, and I could see everyone getting miffed about it. I shrugged it off and started walking after her departing form.

We followed her for a long time, up staircases, through doors that looked like solid walls, under great, heavy tapestries, and finally, we were standing outside two large stone doors. She stopped right in front of them, and turned around to face us.

"Behind these doors is the great hall where you will eat meals and socialize with friends. Once we get in, I will lead you to the middle of the room and the sorting hat will sing its song. Then, you will wait in line and I will call your names starting at the end. When I call your name, you are going to walk up to the front, sit on the stool, and I will put the sorting hat on your head." She cleared her throat before continuing. "The hat will call out your house, and you will go sit at the appropriate table. While you are here, your house will act as your family. You will eat with them, go to classes with them, and stay in the same dormitories as them. Keep this in mind." She then turned around dramatically, and snapped her fingers. The doors creaked open, and we all craned our necks to see inside.

Five long tables sat in the huge room, four placed vertically, and one placed horizontally at the end of the room. There was a pedestal for the headmaster or headmistress, and students decorated the four vertical tables. Teachers sat at the horizontal table, and chatted happily. Candles floated in the air above everyone's heads, and as I looked up I realized there was no roof. No, I told myself, I can see the rafters which means that there must be one. It must just be enchanted. I broke my gaze away from the ceiling and glanced around the walls next. They were decorated with banners: one was scarlet and gold with a lion sewn on it, one was silver and emerald with a lion, one was yellow and black with a badger, and the last was sapphire and silver with an eagle on it.

We arrived at the stairs at the front of the room, and we all stood there, with all the older students and teachers watching out every move as Professor Abbot climbed the stairs and dragged a stool from the teachers table and set it beside the pedestal. We all stared at the hat, mimicking the the older students and teachers but not knowing why. Then the hat started to sing. Yes. Sing. I jumped in surprise when it opened its big rip of a mouth and the first vowels could be heard. It started singing about the four houses and all the attributes the students from each one had, and the founders. Then the flap closed, and it sat there still, as if nothing had happened. Professor Abbot moved forewarn, a list in her hands. She started reading of the list in reverse alphabetical order.

"Zander Nicki." She called. A tall Indian girl with hair that reached her waist and was so black it was almost blue pushed her way to the front of the group and walked up the steps. Professor Abbot directed her to the stool and set the sorting hat on her head once she'd sat down. The hat sat there for about fifteen seconds before yelling, "RAVENCLAW!"
The table of students dressed in silver, blue, and black rose to their feet, cheering madly. Abbot lifted the hat off of Nicki's head, and pointed her towards the table where her new house sat, and Nicki quickly climbed down the stairs, clearly embarrassed to have so much attention on her. Her cheeks were bright red.

I turned and watched the tables and their inhabitants, but mostly focusing on the Slytherin table which I knew I would be jointing soon. The Slytherins got rowdy and possessive when someone new joined their house, and I could see my brother grinning and yelling with the lot of them. Blimey, I thought, I hope they don't expect me to be that excitable. I turned my head to the front again to find that Abbot was almost at my name.

"Potter, Albus." A tall, skinny, black haired boy with striking emerald eyes clambered up the stairs and sat on the stool unevenly, almost falling off. A few snickers rang out through the tables which Abbot silenced with a surprisingly steely glare. The boy went a deep shade of red before his face was cast into shadows by the large saggy hat. The hat had barely touched his hair when it yelled out,
A boy who looked just like Albus at the red and golf decorated table yelled "YES!" and started pelvic thrusting the air as everyone at his table started cheering. "Sit down, James!" One of his friends laughed. Albus turned an even deeper shade of scarlet if that was even possible, and handed Abbot the hat before descending the stairs and walking as quickly as possible towards the Gryffindor table. I chuckled and then my name was called.
"Malfoy, Ebony." The smile slid off my face and I quickly ascended the steps and sat on the stool, trying not to make a fool of myself. Abbot smiled kindly at me and the hat sank over my eyes. I jumped when a voice whispered in my ear.
"Another Malfoy, I see... But much different than the rest of your family." The hat stopped talking for a while so that I'd thought I'd just imagined it, but then it poked out into my brain again. "Difficult, very difficult. Loads of ambition and loyalty, but lots of bravery as well." It paused for a few more seconds before speaking again. "Very well, very well-GRYFFINDOR!"

I couldn't move. What? Was this a trick? I don't belong in Gryffindor, I belong in Slytherin! With my brother! Didn't they usually put people of the same family into the same house? Someone took the hat off of my head, and I looked up. It was Professor Abbot.

"Time to go meet your new family!" She said cheerily. She helped me get off the stool and pointed me towards the table. Nobody cheered. Both the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables looked shocked that a Malfoy had been sorted into Gryffindor. I looked for my brother as I walked, and I found his silvery blonde head. I met his eyes but he didn't acknowledge me at all. He looked so dumbstruck that I had to look away. I sat down at the Gryffindor table, as far from everyone else as possible, and pretty much sank into the seat. I could feel everyone's stares on the back of my head.

What was father going to think?

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