Amulet-Original Story

Amulet-Original Story

The dragons have been the most feared creatures in the world for as long as anyone can remember. They even attacked Morgan's kingdom on the day her mother died. She has a big reason to hate the dragons and everything about them, but she can't make herself do it. Have the dragons always been evil, or are they just after something? Families are being ripped apart all around Morgan, and she doesn't know who to trust.

Chapter 1


Morgan ran. Her muscles burned like nothing she'd ever felt before. She felt like she was about to collapse; she'd been on the road for weeks. It felt as though it had been an eternity since she'd fled the castle, running from the darkness that had ruined her perfect world. Morgan ducked behind a large rock in her path as a spurt of flame chased after her. The rock held back most of the fire, but from the large roar she could hear, she knew that the game of cat and mouse was not over yet. She should have listened to her mother when she had told her to run. Morgan's mind went back to that day, that horrible morning as she'd sat at her mother's bedside, willing the women not to die.

"Go," her mother had urged. "Now. As soon as I am gone, they will come."

"Who?" Morgan had asked.

"The dark ones. Their breath is like a furnace, as intense and blistering hot as the sun. They are like huge snakes with scales as tough as diamond. Run, child. Save yourself."

Her mother had become mysteriously ill just after Morgan's father had died in battle, and no medicine nor antidote had been able to cure her. Many doctors, nurses, and magicians had walked through the walls of the castle, trying in vain to cure the queen, but even magic had not worked. It was clear the the queen was going to die. Very soon. That morning she had been so weak, she could barely speak. Morgan had been close to sobbing.

"Why, mother? I've never heard of anything like this! Why haven't you mentioned anything before now?"

"You were too young before. Leave now. It is no longer safe for you here. If you go now, you might be able to escape."

"No!" tears streamed down Morgan's cheeks. "I can't leave you!"

Her mother's eyes flashed. She was about to tell her daughter off, when her body was suddenly racked with coughs so strong, her whole body shook. Blood splattered the blankets. When the coughing finally receded, she was left weaker than before.

"Fine." she rasped. "But listen to me."

"Yes, mother?" Morgan had pressed forward, gripping her mother's hand in her own. The older woman shifted in bed.

Suddenly, a gigantic roar was heard throughout the room.The castle shook as if shivering with fear and dust poured through the floorboards from above.

"We've run out of time." the queen had muttered. "Go into the drawer in my bedside table. Quickly child!"

Morgan followed her mother's orders, shaking with a strange pair of emotions: fear and curiosity. She opened the drawer carefully. The drawer was empty other than a small, heavily polished mahogany box. Morgan removed it and carried it over to her mother.

"Is this what you wanted, mother?" she asked, handing it to her.

Her mother nodded weakly, before struggling to sit up a little more. She then opened the box. Inside, sitting upon a dark violet velvet pillow was a life altering, revolution starting...amulet. The amulet was very simple. A thin silver chain with a medium sized emerald green gemstone hanging from it. Morgan almost laughed, thinking her mother was joking with her before she looked up into her mother's eyes and saw the sincerity pooling there.

"Well take it out, Morgan, and put it on. This is the last protection I can give you. Then, flee. Run until they can't follow you anymore."

Morgan, sensing the weight of the seriousness in her mother's voice, took the amulet out of the glossy wooden box, closed her eyes, and fastened it around her neck. She felt no change, but then she didn't know what to expect. Instant magical power? Invisibility? Nothing happened. She opened her eyes again, still holding the dense green stone between her fingers, and looked down at it, examining it. There was a carving. A carving of a creature from her books. The image from her mother's warnings. A creature as graceful as a swan but as ferocious as a mother bear, protecting her young. The creature was a dragon. Morgan looked up from the jewel to her mother.

"What-" the rest of her sentence froze in her mouth. Her tongue felt like lead. The woman who had raised her, the only family she had left, was gone. She was dead.

Morgan didn't know how long she'd sat there, hugging her mother's corpse, but soon another roar shook the palace, and she knew it was time to go. She kissed her fingers and pressed them to her mother's cold cheek before turning and leaving. As soon as she escaped the castle, it went up in flames. She barely escaped with her life.

She'd been on the run only a day when she'd seen the first beast, if you could call them that. Morgan thought they were too beautiful and deadly terrifying for them to be classified as a beast. The dragon had been huge and earthy-bronze in colour. It had had large gem-like scalene eyes and wings as long and graceful as a bird's. It had been thirty meters long. Morgan had turned and dashed in the other direction. Now, she couldn't even remember how long she'd been away. It could have been anywhere from a day to a year, and she was almost collapsing with exhaustion. A large thundering roar shook the countryside. Morgan turned around. That was her first mistake. She tripped over a stone and fell, hard, onto her back, the breath knocked out of her. The last thing she saw were those jewelled green eyes, staring down at her and studying her, curiously.

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