Long Term Roleplay Search

Hello everyone! Since Quizilla has shut its doors I've decided to migrate to Quibblo for my roleplay partner search. I'm also on Deviantart and Tumblr as well. If you're interested in a roleplay simply read all of the rules listed below, find the password and send me a message. We'll go from there. :)

Chapter 1

Roleplay Search

{{#1: Where}}
I will only roleplay over email. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience for some of you but this is the only thing that I am comfortable with. I like to save my roleplays in folders on my outlook account and go back and read them later. So please be prepared to give me an email address to contact you when you send me the roleplay request. I will happily give you mine in return and we can continue our conversation there.

{{#2: Length}}
I'm what you call a novel roleplayer, at least I guess that is what you would call me. I like to write A LOT in my roleplays. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words in a full reply (my side and your side). Sometimes more, sometimes less though it's usually around 1,000 to 1,500 words in average replies. If I'm having a bad day or writers block then I may drop down to 800 words, but it never lasts long. I tend to get my inspiration back very quickly.
Usually I like long replies in return. You don't have to write as much as me, I understand some people have difficulty with length, but please, give me something to work with. I won't accept anything less than four paragraphs per-side.

{{#3: Grammar}}
Grammar doesn't bother me all that much. You can probably look through my rules and see grammar mistakes right now. Just know the difference between 'Your' and 'You're', 'There' 'Their' and 'They're' and we'll be good to go.

{{#4 Style}}
I write in third person paragraph form. I do not like script, I've done it before and have regretted it every day since then haha. Text talk is also a big no no. The only time there should be text talk in a roleplay is when the characters are actually texting each other.

{{#5: Limits}}
I am typically fine with anything. I understand that people have fetishes and I'm totally okay with that. I, personally, LOVE mature roleplays and expect them in my roleplays. If you're not comfortable with these sort of plots then I'm probably not the best choice for a roleplay partner. There are a few things that I will not accept though, that is sexual contact with a dead person, and sexual contact with an animal unless stated that the 'animal' is human like (such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Alice in Wonderland animals, etc). I'm fine with se*x scenes, gore, drugs, fetishes, F/F, M/M, age gaps (as long as both are above the age of eighteen), miscarriages, suicide, self harm, death of children, pregnancy, murder, swearing, violante, If you're unsure about anything feel free to ask! I'm totally open for talking it over.
Let me be clear though. Since there will be mature plots in our roleplay I will only roleplay with those 17 years and older.

{{#6: Reply Time}}
I'm the type of person that likes to take on a lot of roleplays at one time. Depending on how much I'm into our roleplay depends on when I reply. I may skip our roleplay to reply to someone else first or the roleplay we start may be the first thing I reply to when I get up. I'm honestly all over the place with my replies though I try to get in at least two to three replies a day depending how fast I'm getting replies in return and how much I'm loving the roleplay we're doing. Do not worry though, I will reply at least twice a day, maybe more!

{{#7: Starting and Stopping}}
Usually when someone asks me for a roleplay I expect that person to start us off. I will occasionally offer to start if there is a fandom that I'm dying to play and already have a certain plot in mind for. If for some reason you can't start simply ask me nicely. I'm sure I would have no problem starting. The password is Mickey Mouse
If for some reason you become bored with the roleplay tell me, we can do some private plotting or we can see what we can do to spice up the roleplay and make it more enjoyable for you. If you're still not satisfied with it then we'll stop the roleplay. But please, do not stop replying and then never speak to me again. There is nothing worse than that happening to someone.

If you're planning on going out of town on vacation or just wish to take a few days off please let me know. I'll do the same for you as well.

{{#8: Mary-Sues}}
Mary-Sues do not bother me all that much. I'm usually very lenient with Original Characters and how people decide to play them. I have no reason to judge unless they're just way far out there. Basically, if you don't say anything about my character then I will not say anything about your character. Don't give unwanted opinions, know what I mean?
But please do try to keep your character as realistic as possible. Your character should not have bright blue hair during a Zombie Apocalypse, and your character should not be whipping out a cellphone at Hogwarts. Get what I mean? Those are just the big issues. Other than that, I'm pretty open with whatever you want to do with your character as long as it doesn't effect my side of the roleplay.

Below are the movies, tv shows, books and other things that I'm looking for partners for. My preferred love interest will be marked off beside the fandom listed. If there is more than one character listed that means I am fine with changing love interests. If there is one character listed then I will not change my love interest.

Sometimes, for fandoms, I prefer having Original Characters as my love interest. I will create the original character myself and coach you on how to play him for me.


The Avengers - Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Loki, Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Captain America - Bucky Barnes

Captain America The Winter Soldier - Bucky Barnes

Hellboy - Abe Sapien or Prince Nuada

Disney Crossover - Prince Eric, Genie, Prince James (Snow White's prince), Jack Skellington, Hans

The Hobbit Trilogy - Bilbo Baggins

Rise of the Guardians - Bunnymund or Jack Frost

The Santa Clause trilogy - Jack Frost or Bernard

Lee Daniels' The Butler - James Holloway

Hairspray (2007) - Corny Collins or an OC

Underworld - Lucian

Star Trek (Reboot) - Scotty or an OC

The Lost Boys - Edgar Frog, Dwane

Children of the Corn (2009) - Burt or an OC

Stand By Me - Teddy

:::TV Shows:::

The Vampire Diaries - John Gilbert

Full House - Joey Gladstone

Once Upon A Time - Doctor Whale/Victor Frankenstein

Supernatural - Castiel or an OC

The Walking Dead - OC

American Horror Story: Coven - OC

Switched at Birth- Toby Kennish

Criminal Minds- OC

House M.D. - James Wilson, Thirteen or an OC

True Blood- Bill Compton, Franklin Mott or an OC

Doctor Who - OC

South Park - Stan Marsh


The Twilight Saga- Aro, Vladimir, Emmett, Carlisle

Harry Potter - Neville Longbottom.

The Hunger Games - Cinna or an OC

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - OC

The Fault in Our Stars - Isaac or an OC

::::OTHER ::::

Naruto/Shippuden - Orochimaru, Kakashi, Yamato or Shikamaru

Celebrities - Depends

Youtuber - PewDiePie, ShaneDawsonTV or RayWilliamJohnson

Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns- Kana

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life - Griffin, Carter or Gustafa

Harvest Moon Animal Parade - Wizard/Gale or The Harvest King


Married Life
Twisted Fairytale
Beauty and the Beast
Supernatural Being x Hunter
Victorian England
Nazi Germany
Doctor X Patient
College Life
Boarding School
Zombie Apocalypse
Master x Slave
Royalty x Servant

I'm open to whatever other ideas you have in mind. Please, don't be shy about suggesting plots and what not. Also, please do not comment on here, send me a private message.
Hope to hear from you soon!


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