{ a roleplay request }

Hello, I'm Noire! As you can guess, I'm on the look-out for some new friends to roleplay with. Interested?

Chapter 1

{ the form of guidelines and interests }

by: Noiresque
to see the original form, go to this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18hapBumjwMEFz0021W0n1nVCfHHP5mhYPVHwwSnjgBk/edit?usp=sharing

[ Greetings and Salutations ]

I welcome you to my roleplay request form.
As you can tell, I am on the search for some wonderful new friends.

I absolutely adore roleplaying, and have been doing so for many years. I guess I could be called a veteran, in other words, but still. It is something I enjoy doing, very much so.
Over the years of roleplaying, I have learned that the key to a good roleplay is to establish understanding -- which is easily done with rules. I will keep them short and simple.

None of my rules are too overbearing, I do hope, and are rather average requests (from what I have seen),

I have placed a password somewhere within this form, so keep your eyes peeled~!

[ Guidelines ]

I reply in third person point of view. I vary from handing out paragraph responses to novella ones, so I’m pretty okay with varying amounts of length. I ask that you do not reply with one or two lines, as it is difficult to work with something so small.
I also ask that you write in third person as well, as I am not at all good at memorizing characters names. Also, please have knowledge of basic grammar and such. Mistakes are fine, here and there, but no constant ones.

My reply time varies. I have a social life and soon I will return to school. So, you can expect a reply either daily, or after one or two days. I try not to leave people hanging on for too long, at least not without telling them. When possible, you may receive several replies from me in one day.

No God-Modding. Please, just don’t go around being overly-powerful and immortal. Do I mind if your character is immortal? No! You can give them powers, just make it make sense! I do not think I have to say anything about the sue characters, ne?

I prefer to plot before starting the roleplay. Especially, if I am the one starting. I do not like just going with the flow, as there isn’t a structure for me to follow. Let’s share ideas before starting our roleplay, okay~?

Notice how I said our roleplay? That’s exaclty what it is..OURS. Joint-ideas and contributions are mandatory. I will not do all the thinking and plotting and I will not allow you to do so either. It isn't fair and no one should have so much work placed upon them.
However, if you have a plot ready don’t think I’m telling you not to share it! I would just like to contribute by asking questions and throwing you my own ideas.

My limitations are scarce. Keep it moral, and we’ll get along well.
I am a mature roleplayer. I am perfectly okay with lemon-y
themes as well as drug and alcohol use / abuse. If you are uncomfortable with lemons, please let me know. I don’t want to have that stress put on you.

For pairings I will gladly do OC x Love Interest OR Your OC x My OC.

Whew, we’re finally done with that! On to the fandoms, I believe~!
I will list the title of the fandom, the love interest, and any side-note. In that order.
When I say Original Plots, I am talking about making our own plot for it. Some original pairings like slave x master (or whatever) can be incorporated if you’d like. Please just let me know!

~ - ~

The password is: “ Leaves from the Vine “

{ movies ; television shows }

The Avengers
~ I am open to AU’s and Original Plots ~

The Dark Knight
The Joker or Bruce Wayne
~ I am open to Original Plots ~

The Hobbit Trilogy
Thorin Oakenshield

Game of Thrones
~ I am open to AU’s ~

Young Justice
~ I am open for original plots ~

{ video games }

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
~ I am open for original plots ~

Saints Row
negotiable depending on game
~ I am open for original plots ~

Fallout 3 or New Vegas

Assassins Creed
Connor Kenway

{ anime }

Kuroshitsuji // Black Butler
~ I am open to original plots ~

Diabolik Lovers

Death Note
Mello // Mihael Keehl
~ I am open to au’s and original plots ~

Ao No Exorcist
~ I may be rusty on this ~

Thank you so much for reading through this request. I hope you found something of interest.
I am much nicer than this form may make me out to be, so please..don’t feel afraid to email me.

My email is: esquenoire@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!

Stay safe and well~!☆


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