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just searching for some rp buddies :D!

Chapter 1

rp and rules

by: candyco
Hello there~
As you can already read in the title, I am searching for a few lovely roleplay buddies.
However first of all I shall put up a few rules. Be sure to read through them. It’s always more fun to roleplay if understanding one another and what the likes for the roleplay are :D!
Please make sure you read them as well, I have a password in it ;D.

1. Grammar and spelling.
I’m not a grammar nazi and in fact quite easygoing about this one. Just make sure you try your best to make things understandable. A spell check does wonders! English is my third langue, so therefor I might end up also making mistakes from time to time n.n.

2. Writing style
I write paragraph and third person, I do ask the same of you. First of all since I just can’t enjoy script, second because I find first and second person both unpleasant and since I may end up forgetting your characters name multiple times then n.n’. as for length… quite simple. I don’t like one liners or anything extremely short. I would love to have at least 5 sentences per character. As for max, I can write up to max around the 1000 words in total, more is possible but it will take me a lot of time n.n’. so no novella’s for me. I’ll usually write about the same amount as my rp buddy~
Oh and one more thing. Usually I do my oc x my oc’s crush and your oc x yours oc’ crush. Rarely did oc my x your oc and I rarely like them too. So I prefer the upper one more n.n

3. Characters.
Creativity is really something to enjoy and surely you can use your imagination when creating a character to something special.. just don’t make it TOO special. For example a Naruto rp in which your oc has a second ninetails in her/his body while working for the akatsuki and loved by everyone,… that’s too much. I shall kindly tell you when I think your oc is being mary sue-ish. In case you think mine is, I also gladly listen to what you think is wrong. Everyone makes mistakes~

4. Spotlight.
Please make this fair. There are perhaps moments in a plot where your oc is more important or mine, that is always possible, but try not to steal the spotlights the whole time and incase there is such a moment, lets search another moment then to give the fair share of spotlight to the other oc. Also no my crush falling in love with your oc. I’m sure everyone finds that quite annoying and it leaves little fun for the other partner yes? So lets just try to keep it~

5. Place: I prefer to rp over e-mail since it’s easy like that.so message me and I'll give you my e-mail. if you really don't like to do it over e-mail, I'll do it over here, but as said, I prefer e-mail n.n
6. Social life.
Yah so I am a college student, friends, bf,… so I can be quite busy. Depending on how busy I reply daily to once a week. Rarely longer than that and if longer I will warn you for sure! Most of the time though it’s one a day to once every two days.

7. Limits.
I myself don’t have that much limits and actually like mature roleplays. Still if you aren’t comfortable with mature stuff just let me know, wouldn’t want to make it awkward. The limits that I have are: Bestiality, Necrophilia, Loli, watersports, scat, yaoi, Yuri and incest. Possible I forgot a few disturbing kinks in there but guess you know what I mean. I don’t mind kinks, but nothing overboard or disturbing. Noncon is something I’m okay with though, but again only if the other person is fine with it as well! I am also a person that likes more dark themes like angst, gore, violence,… than a real fluffy person, still if dark themes ain’t your thing, no problem n.n.

Oh and as password, just give your favorite candy in the message!!

8. Themes.
Incase you are interested in a special kind of roleplay. Also let me know. Like normal, AU, dark theme, fluffy, spice (about this one, I don’t mind a spice rp but I like to keep it to a minimum, so no PWP, since I do really like a good plot.).

9. Love interests
I usually go up from one to two love interests, since love triangles are always fun. I shall also list my love interests in the list. Do know that if I only list one, it’s because I don’t have another BUT this does not mean I am one of those ranting fangirls that will say ‘MINE’. If you have the same crush, I am really fine with it. either we do a split universe in which we both have the same crush or I make an oc crush for that rp, whatever fits most ;D

And then finally, here it is:
Things I rp.
Depending on how much points it has, the more chance you have I want to rp it.
1/5 = not a big chance

Akame ga kill 10/5 (really wanna do! preferred MANGA)
(syura, Lubbock)

bleach 2/5
(Grimmjow, Starrk, Aizen, Gio Vega, Kyouraku)

Naruto 3/5 (or akatsuki)
(Deidara, Naruto, Hidan)

Kuroshitsuji 3/5
(undertaker (the one seen in the MANGA though, so the bit more darker one n.n) ,Alois, Joker, Sebastian)

Black blood brothers 5/5
(Zelman clock)

Deadman wonderland 4/5
(toto and genkaku)

Assassination classroom 10/5 (sorry really searching someone for this xD)
(Karma Akabane, gakushu asano.)

Fairy tail 4/5
(Laxus, Cobra, jackal, sting)

D.Gray-man 5/5
(Tyki mikk, Debitto, Lavi)

Batman trilogy (the dark knight ones) 5/5
(The joker)

Batman: assault on arkham 4/5
(The joker)

The hobbit (movies) 5/5
(Thorin Oakenshield (preferred) or Kili.)

The demonata series of Darren Shan 5/5
Oc crush.

Whatever plot you have in mind ;D depending on the plot I’ll say wheter I want the original or not :3

Well hope there are a few interested people out there :D!


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