Are you a weeaboo? (Repost thingie idk)

Are you a weeaboo? (Repost thingie idk)

so i made this

Chapter 1


by: Sp00kyLeo
[] You have finished at least 13 anime series
[] You own at least 50 mangas
[] You Cosplay
-[] Daily
[] You have a wide collection of anime figurines & plushies
[] You watch nothing but anime

Total so far:
[] You're familliar with Vocaloid
-[] You listen to Vocaloid Songs
--[] You never actually used the software
[] You know the names and ages of at least 100 anime characters by heart
[] You consider yourself an Otaku
-[] You take pride in this
[] You use the word "kawaii" on regular basis
-[] You speak Japanese within your sentences in general

Total so far:
[] You believe Japan is superior to most other countries
[] You speak Japanese
-[] You learned it by watching anime
[] You're offended by anime haters
[] You believe you have a spirit animal
-[] It's a cat
-[] It's a wolf

Total so far:
[] You've attended several conventions
[] You draw manga
-[] If someone dislikes your art, you can't help but feel offended
[] You only listen to J-pop
[] You hate America
-[] You're American
--[] You consider yourself Japanese on the inside

Total so far:
[] You wear cat ears frequently
[] You have an OC
-[] It's a Fan-OC of your favorite anime
--[] They are in a close relationship with several of the characters
---[] They are dating the main character
[] You have a crush on an anime character
-[] You have crushed on several anime characters

Total score:

0-2: Regular person who watches anime
3-5: Anime fan
6-8: Anime freak
9-14: Otaku
15-20: Weeaboo
23-24: I think you have a problem
25+: May god have mercy on your soul


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