The Stars Tipped Over.

Chapter 1

Death of Lila

It was coming in too fast for Lila to react. In one moment it could all end. Life as we know it today might be different if it weren't for her sacrifice. I could have stepped in, took the dagger; saved my best friend. But I didn't. She was the center, the vortex of the dilemma, and her fate was to save us. It was written in every single prophecy that I used to read when I studied at the school of the elements, but as I sit here, holding her limp body, I wonder if any of them were true. How could the original masters know this was going to happen? How could they stop it? Why is there nothing in the scrolls?

The castle floor is cold and wet with blood; Lila's blood. She had no dying words of assurance. She only looked at me with wet eyes. I should have taken the dagger. I should have chosen death, so she, the chosen one could live and save humanity.

But it's too ate for that now. I stand in the great hall, and let out a wail. I beat my hands on the table ad moan. I should have taken the dagger. It rests in her chest now, buried there. I weep and sob. I throw a carved chair across the room, and shriek. It should have been me on the ground bleeding out. I could have stepped in front of Lila and taken death. I am a coward. I throw myself on the cold floor of the great hall. It is empty. Not a soul remains to look upon the body of the girl who was meant to save them.There is nothing left to be done. The human race is doomed. I have failed.

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