Important (Please Read)

Chapter 1

Hey, so here's the thing guys. Before I start, I just wanted to say please don't comment random stuff like, "Oh please don't leave." "everyone's leaving," etc. that's not y I'm writing this. I know a lot of ppl just like to make these so that ppl will comment that stuff and make themselves feel better. And I understand that when most of you comment you do it out of a sincere heart, which is something I love about the whole quibblo community. But, like I said, please don't.

Now, onto the important stuffs:
I feel that quibblo has become more of a job for me than a fun place to hang out. I find myself saying, "aw crap. Forgot to check quibblo" and almost forcing myself to get on. I love so many people on here and would love to just give them my contact info and delete my account. But, unfortunately, I don't really think that that's very safe. So, I'm keeping my account, but I, unfortunately will only be using it for communication purposes. I may delete at some point, but I'm not terribly sure.

A reason I've not been on at all this month is because this week is semester finals and also some personal stuff, but I'm going to try to return messages faster, because those of u who I talk to, i reeeeeally enjoy ur company.

So, I'm not quitting any group stories (even though almost all of the group stories I'm in have been discontinued due to failure to participate) so that's somehting I'm interested in. I have a few fun quiz ideas that I wanna get in before the new year, so we'll have to just wait and see if that ever happens.

Sorry and thanks for reading, loves



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