On Quibblo? Want to be featured in a Quibblonian Christmas Story? Please read! ( SIGN UPS)

Chapter 1

Think of it like... Jimmy Fallon meets Muppets Christmas Carol

So first before we get to anything I would like to thank the original author that came up with someone much like this, JadesFlame (Hyouka), of which she came up with " Camp Quibblonian ". Brilliant Idea, so the bios are going to be very much like how her sign-ups were. I would also like to thank HermionesEVILtwin(Wholockian_Author) for a comment on one of my polls that practically catapulted this idea into my head.


So with the amazing partnership between myself and HermionesEVILtwin, we are making a group story, hosting the biggest Quibblonian Christmas/Holiday party to ever rock these pages!

The idea is very simple, any quibblonian that wishes to partake- Brand new or our lovely elders (cough Nera and Alexis I'm lookin' at you cough cough) - will fill out a short bio in the comments.

When we have all that want to enter signed up -keep in mind that you can enter at anytime, but we would like to have 9 or 10 when we start- Either me or HermionesEVILtwin will start writing the first chapter to it.

Progressively through each chapter, new authors and other stunning Quibblonians will be introduced doing who-knows-what that fits their bio!

So, I guess the question is, will you join us in making the 2014-2015 holiday season spectacular?


The Bios

Name: (This can be your Quibblo nickname, your actual nickname, or your dog's nickname. First name only considering privacy reasons)
Age: (Can be currently, or if you want to up your age by a year that's fine as well)
Appearance: (It doesn't have to be in great detail, just general- hair, hair type, eye color, skin tone, height, etc)
Personality: (What kind of person are you? How do people see you on first impression?)
Accents?: (Optional. I am American, so an American accent means nothing to me)
Favorite Holiday activity?: ( Opening presents, snowball fight, being a scrooge, etc)
Fandoms?: ( If any )
Catch Phrases?: Optional! A certain line that you say a lot, that people may recognize? This will make you a more memorable character!

Happy Signing!! :D

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