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This isn’t the worst fanfic, as far as fanfics go but we still think it’s pretty bad. (Pretty bad? That's generous. I was gonna call it awful.) Well compared to “My Immortal”, “Lovestruck”, and that Eragon one it’s literary genius. (True.)

As always Jackie is in the () and I am without them.

Chapter 3

Chapter two: Heartfelt Conversation, Mutual Understanding

Chapter 2 is up! please enjoy!


Disclaimer : I do not own anything connected to the PJO series I’m sure they are very happy about that.

Artemis' POV

So Percy has decided to become a god. Dun Dun Dun…

I'm not surprised by his decision. After all, this time nothing is holding him back. But I do feel sympathy for him, after all my years of existence, what happened to him is very rare – he was he one who was left by the girl he loved.

After what happened, he diverted his attention in training himself to get over her and never thought about getting in a new relationship. He truly is an interesting person. (Please. You would have thought someone who was immortal would have noticed that a lot of people don’t date on the rebound, not just Percy.)

After all the gods and goddesses dispersed, I made my way to the garden. On my way, I saw Athena talking to Perseus, I overheard them talking about Annabeth Chase, Percy's ex-girlfriend. I wasn't really interested in it so I just moved on. No, Artemis you were interested in her, as a Hunter.

As I was making my way to the garden, I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw the new god.

"Perseus," I greeted

"Why are you all like that?" he asked with his signature smirk, his eyes sparkling under the sun, and his hair still messy.

I looked at him quizzically, which he seemed to notice and just said to forget it.

"Is there anything you need?" I asked, because he obviously called me for a reason Like Gods come at somebody’s beck and call. (Yeah, that’s what Ganymede’s for.)

"I know that this is weird to ask for, but… could you please be my training partner? I'm really bored and have nothing to do, and you seem to have nothing to do so… " (Yeah, Artemis just has her godly duties and leading the Hunters, but that can’t possibly take up any time at all.)

I asked him why he didn't ask Athena, he just said that "She might murder me, Something in character? (It’s about time.) Athena and dad are still, you know." And with that I understood him.

"Okay then. I accept."

After I said it, he smiled. I couldn't help but smile back. I then looked into his sea green eyes, and I couldn't help but be mesmerized and get lost in the moment. She hates boys though and romance and star-crossed lover gazing…

Percy's POV

When she said "okay", I was really happy. I wanted to hug right then to show how thankful I was, but I know better so I just smiled at her. She smiled back and looked into my eyes.

Gods, she was so pretty without even trying, her silver eyes, shinning in broad daylight. (Well, she’s a goddess so I wouldn’t exactly be surprised.) Miracles happen…(There can be miracles when you believe…) I LOVE THAT SONG! (Sorry to put it along with the crappy fanfic, then. It is wonderful, though) .I could've drooled until I snapped out of it. We then made our way to the arena to train.

Our sword training ended with Artemis as the winner, not a surprise, huh? You did not just break the fourth wall.

She handled a sword amazingly as she handles a bow and arrow. We were both so tired after the match that we decided to stop there.

We went to the garden, by that time it was already dusk. We sat down under a tree together and watched the sun set before us. The air was awkward during that time, so I made the first move to break the ice.

I looked at her; she was looking at the sun set. "Thank you, Artemis, for helping me."

She then looked back at me, "It's my pleasure." And smiled

I got so mesmerized by her smile, and then awkward air filled us again. Oh Percy please get a brain… wait that’s realistic. Oh crap.

"I'm sorry about your break up." She said. I was shocked by it, but I just shrugged it off as a joke and replied with something I regret.

"I'm sorry about Orion." With that, she looked at me in disbelief but then quickly laughed it off.

"You're not a good liar, Perseus. I know your *(Come on, a grammatical error! And you were doing so well, too! Well, not really well, but you comparatively had better grammar than most of the fanfictions we handle at Grammar Witch/Candor, Incorporated. Okay, Witchy will give you one free pass, but next mistake--- starts cackling, I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little possessive pronouns, too!)* upset about it." She said

"Why would I be upset about Orion?" I asked

She punched me playfully on the arm and said, "I meant about Annabeth."

Was I that bad at lying? I wondered. I just kept silent, not wanting to talk more. This is Percy?

"You want to talk about it?" she offered.

Without even realizing it, I was telling her a short story about it, and she was listening intently.

"It's been five months since it happened … " I began

After I told my story, she gave me advices and comments, and right then, I felt a lot better. I looked into her eyes (Hey, Em? Remember that Leverage quote where Sophie’s like “A man only looks a woman in the eye when he’s lying to her”? So, is Percy a liar now?) Apparently. and thanked her. She smiled back.

After a few seconds, she stood up. "I must be going; I have to prepare to attend to my duties." She said.

I stood up, too and thanked her again. As I was looking at her, I was resisting the urge to kiss her. So to take my mind off of it I just asked, "Will I see you tomorrow for our training?"

"I don't remember saying that I'll be your permanent training partner." She replied.

"Please," I begged her with my cute puppy dog face. (Now sit, Percy! Stay! Good boy, Percy. Now here’s a biscuit and stop pestering the people.)

She looked away from me looking sad, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I could continue to do this."

"What? But why?" I asked shocked… what could I have done?

She was looking at her feet, avoiding my gaze. "I'm afraid." (No. Lady Artemis fears nothing.)

I held her face so that she'll look at me, but she just turns her eyes to either side, "From what? I'll help you."

She then looked at me and held my hands; I could see that she was so afraid from her eyes. She tried to hide it by smiling.

"Never mind, Perseus. I'll just see you tomorrow." She replied with a faint smile.

She tried to ran off, but I caught her hand. I pulled her close to me and I hugged her so tight, I didn't want to let her go, I placed my chin on top of her head.

I was shock about what I did but what shocked me the most was that after a while, she hugged me back as tightly as I was holding her. And we stayed like that for what seemed like eternity (Well, you are gods, so you actually do have all eternity to awkwardly hug…) until we heard someone approach…

I'll end it there for now. So let me know what you readers think.

As always, Comments and Suggestions are highly appreciated! STOP WRITING. (Or at least don’t write things that are this out of canon.)

Thanks a bunch!


kheilynn, D.N.

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