The Grammar Witch and the Candor Take on "Unpredicted"

This isn’t the worst fanfic, as far as fanfics go but we still think it’s pretty bad. (Pretty bad? That's generous. I was gonna call it awful.) Well compared to “My Immortal”, “Lovestruck”, and that Eragon one it’s literary genius. (True.)

As always Jackie is in the () and I am without them.

Chapter 1

Introduction: Percy’s POV

It’s been 5 months since it happened. I was sitting at the porch of my cabin looking at the horizon before me. The sun was now setting, the clouds were orange, and the lake looked so peaceful. Does Percy really think like this? It looked like the perfect ending for a wonderful day, but I couldn't appreciate it, because I keep on remembering what happened 5 months ago… the day Annabeth and I broke up. She jitsu flipped you when Hera/Juno made you disappear Percy and she saw you for the first time in months. Break your bones: yes. Break up with you: doubtful.

I loved her a lot and she loved me, too. But it just came to the point that we both realized that our relationship was going nowhere, we barely had time for each other. The gods need her full attention at Olympus, and Chiron needs me here at camp to help teach sword fighting.

As much as I wanted to be furious at our break up, I contained myself. Really Percy? Really? We just both agreed that we'll call our relationship off and maybe be open for new ones when the time comes because if Aphrodite thinks that we're meant for each other, we'll be together again in the future. Because Aphrodite is the giver of great wisdom… But still, I was upset.

Ever since then, I turned my attention in training myself to become stronger and stronger. Even Chiron and the other demigods thought that I could beat Lady Athena in battle (Now I'm just gonna spend the rest of the fanfic waiting for Percy to get turned into some form of bug.) Or Athena chopping him into a million pieces in battle, killer math homework, or sending a hoard of killer owls on him! (Yeah, there's always that.) But I wouldn't take my chances.] I could say that maybe our break up was actually for the best, I've heard that she's doing well at her job in Olympus and happy with her new boyfriend, some guy she met at her school. And as for me, I may not have found a new girlfriend [even though a lot of girls are hitting on me] but at least I'm getting better and better in taking care of myself.

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