Stolen: A Percy Jackson Group Story

idea (Quest) is mainly contributed to the members of
Plus the authors and I's additions to the plot! :)

Order: Me, bluemango, Yomi_Takano, Halcyon, and dreamergirl

Chapter 1

The Characters!!!!!!!

Name: Macy Landers
Nickname: Mac
Godly Parent: Poseidon
Age: 16
Personality: cool, laid back, have a good sense of humor, stubborn, awkward in the worst of situations, kind of smart, obviously obsessed with everything that has gills, loves to read, not athletic whatsoever, clumsy but good in a battle, sort of shy at first, loyal, and brave
Appearance: short pixie cut red hair (dyed usually), tan skin, pretty, horribly arranged teeth, medium sized mouth, small nose, all of her features fit her face well, grey-blue "the color of the ocean after a storm" eyes, petite yet curvy body, about 5'4 or so, casually wears a t-shirt from her school, skinny jeans, grey converse, and her star sign (Aquarius) necklace
Weapon: a bronze khopesh sword
Additional Powers: has water powers, great swimmer, can influence all creatures under Poseidon's kingdom
Weakness: She has extremely bad anxiety which leads to panic attacks at very inconvenient times although she is working to control it
Pets: None
Bio: Lived in Maine with her older brother, her mom (unknown to her) was killed by a fury, she went to Blue Bay High school where, like many demigods, struggled with ADHD and dyslexia. She was bullied or completely ignored all of her life but her brother made up for it with trips to the movies on Friday night's and giving her reading lessons. About the beginning of second semester she was walking home after school and Euryale attacked her. Her brother (Micheal) saved her by killing the Euryale and taking her to Camp Half-Blood.
Love Interest: Travis Stoll (side character in Percy Jackson, child of Hermes)
Other: Is surprisingly terrible with horses despite her parent

bluemango's character~
Name: Reese Mulligan
Godly Parent: Apollo
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Reese is often underestimated, sometimes by herself. She acts like a shy little girl, but she can be quite deadly if rubbed the wrong way. Reese is a skilled fighter and is afraid of only one thing, the dark. She doesn't seem to think very highly of herself, so when someone insults her she often succumbs. When her friends are threatened, however, she leaps to action and become swift, skilled and deadly.
Appearance: Shoulder-blade-length wavy, glossy dark blonde hair and pale green eyes that almost always have dark circles beneath them. She is considered very pretty at times. She has pale ivory skin and dark blonde eyebrows, a straight average-sized nose and full pink lips with a cupid's bow. She is about 5'4 with a flat stomach and a slightly larger chest, but she has little muscle. She has long legs and a short waist. Reese quite often has a look of worry, like she might be killed at any moment. At another angle, she actually looks quite dangerous.
Weapon: A smooth, sleek bow and a quiver of arrows. She can also fight with throwing knives or any long-range weapon.
Additional Powers: She has extraordinary healing powers, is amazing with long-range weapons, and has a bit of foresight (future telling)
Weakness "The Fatal Flaw": She had kind of a dark past which if she sees certain things they can trigger her to start screaming and/or crying. Also, oddly enough, the dark, as she had to hide in it a lot as a child.
Pets: She has an odd attraction to birds, in which they can fly over to her and she can sort of communicate with them (not with words, just with body language)
Love Interest (Opt.): Maevi Laikynn
Bio: She grew up in the country, but her mom got a little crazy when Apollo left that she moved them to NYC. In the country, Reese has fond memories of Apollo (she couldn't remember his face) teaching her archery. When he left, her mom got depressed and often abused Reese and moved them to the city when they lost their farm. Her mom got into drugs and alcohol and beat Reese all the time and scared everyone away from being Reese's friend. Reese got really depressed and ran away quite often, and while she was out she was attacked by a colchis bull, which left her smoldering and her back was covered in burn scars (still is) and her mother came out to yell at her for being loud and the bulls killed her. Somehow, Reese made her way to camp and passed out at the border. Luckily, they found her and helped her.

Yomi_Takano's Character~

Name: Michael Tryvon
Nickname: Mike
Godly Parent: Nike (Goddess of Strength, Speed, and Vicktory)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Personality: A wild child, has a severe case of ADHD, I mean, more than a normal Demi-god. He can't pay attention and often doesn't hear his instructions which leads to a lot of misunderstandings. He's a good guy, likes to give others the benefit of the doubt and is an overall good friend. But he is often made fun of for his hard of hearing.
Appearance: Spikey black hair, tan with broad shoulders and good build. Dark green eyes and 6' 7"
Weapon: Black gloves that, when he wears them, has spikes come out where his knuckles are and he does some hand to hand combat. But if he has to, he'll resort to the use of a spear.
Additional Powers: Stronger and faster than the average human. He's pretty much a super-human.
Weakness: Often won't or can't seem to follow directions, putting himself and others at risk. Can also be careless with his actions.
Bio: After he was born, his mother dropped him off at his fathers (John)
John is an Olympic runner with several gold medals, with a good amount of chivalry mixed in. When Mike enters his life, he gives up his career to take care of his son. At the age of 13, a changling came into Mikes room to kill him. John, having received news of this from Nike herself, was able to protect Mike. And managed to get him safely to Camp Half-blood.
Other: Though he is not good with following orders or leading, it's best to let him speak his mind. Because he will help lead you to victory.

Halcyon's Character~

Name: Maevi Laikynn
Nickname (Opt.): Vivi
Godly Parent: Hades
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Maevi is a bittersweetly kind girl who gives you the impression that she knows a lot more than she lets on. She's a typical Hades sort in some ways, being gloomy and irritable and moody, but can surprise people by showing compassion and being able to bear with the greatest pain. She's discreet and a bit of a matchmaker at times, but will rarely show up with a cheerful expression on her face. Oftentimes Maevi will appear out of nowhere, like she's melted into the shadows, and suddenly reappears from the dead. She doesn't get tired easily, and can stay up nights and nights before crashing, and one night of sleep will refuel her for weeks. She likes ice-skating, surprisingly, and when she first appeared at Camp Half-Blood with a pair of ice-skates slung across her shoulders, rumour had it that she had frozen the River Styx with power from Hades and skated across the Styx. She never confirms nor denies the rumours, although she always laughs a little when someone brings it up.
Appearance: Maevi is an average-height (if not a little shorter) girl of 5'2", with pale features and almost always narrowed grey eyes. She has wavy black hair down to her mid-back, that she always wears down, and is often in her face and concealing her eyes. Her skin almost glows in the night. She has high cheekbones and big eyes that are quite pretty if you catch her when she's happy, but most of
the time she is a sullen and hostile looking girl that nobody really wants to go near. She is always a little surprised when someone talks to her, because she is almost always looking down. Sometimes you can see the ground shift a little underneath her feet, and an almost silvery glow around her, due to her blessing from Artemis (explained later, in bio.)
Weapon: Maevi carries a silver bow and hunting sheath, likewise to the Hunters of Artemis, but prefers to use her five-foot scythe that intimidates a lot of people into running away before she gets to attack.
Additional Powers: She can turn the atmosphere cold and thick with tension as she walks into a room, and can summon warriors of the dead to fight with her, and shadow-travel. Occasionally she'll unearth chunks of valuable stone but not often, and never when she needs it. It's almost so rare that it may be passed off as "just getting lucky", if it weren't for the stones' incredible sizes.
Weakness: She is deathly afraid of
betrayal, and will go to the point of betraying her comrades herself if she suspects that they will leave her to be trapped, or are offering her up as bait. She is also slightly hydrophobic, and refuses to ever go swimming or go within ten feet of water.
Pets: Sometimes when she steps out of the shadows, you will catch a fleeting glimpse of a black cat behind her, but she rarely talks about it, and evades questions about what the cat is.
Bio: Maevi's past is shrouded in shadows, and she rarely talks to anyone about it beyond the point when she was taken in by the eternal maiden Artemis. When she was five, she was living with her mother in Minnesota, in midwinter. She was too young to know that she was the daughter of a god, and she only knew that Hades was her father, and her father visited every week to see her. However, that day, as Hades talked to her mother in the kitchen, she heard her mother keep screaming, and screaming, and calling her name. When Maevi finally opened the door to the kitchen, she didn't see her father, only two shape-shifting empousai standing over her deteriorating mother's body on the floor. Maevi fled her home after that, evading the empousa's chase, until Hades finally located her and brought her to the Underworld. When Persephone immediately decided that she didn't like Maevi, and that she would have to go away, Hades called in a favor from Artemis and sent Maevi to be raised by the eternal maiden. From when she was eight, Maevi led the Hunters of Artemis, although discreetly, letting everyone believe that she was not the lieutenant and that someone else led her. She was blessed with immortality and when Zeus went missing, she was instructed to return to Camp Half-Blood to watch over the demigods and report to Artemis. On the way, she had to cross a lake, and refused to swim, so she covered the lake in ice and skated across. When she arrived at camp, as casual as a half-blood could get, just walking in and making herself at home, it was no wonder rumors started to fly, especially when Hades sent his approval that she was his daughter. Nobody knows of her immortality or her eternal maidenhood and pledge to Artemis, and as a result boys and girls alike try to flirt with her, to get through the boundaries she built around herself.
Love Interest: Reece Mulligan

dreamergirl's character~
Name: Lisa (Luis if you need a guy) or Parks
Nickname (Opt.):
Godly Parent: Zeus
Age: 17
Gender: F (or M if you need a guy)
Personality: She is an extremely stubborn person. She also hates her dad with a passion, and was against the quest in the first place. She hates to show weakness, but, Ironically, is easily hurt. She has a snarling personality, and is a fighter, not a lover. In the area of love, she is blind, and quite clueless. She rarely gives out her loyalty, but she does enjoy the company of the children of both Athena and Hephaestus.
Appearance: She has long straight strawberry blonde hair, and small dark blue eyes. She is rather pale, despite spending a lot of time outside. Most of that time is spent practicing with the sword, so she has muscular arms. She's the kind of person that is always making a mess, and her clothing is usually covered in dirt, spattered with ink, or blood stained from the occasional accident in swordplay.
Weapon: A sword with the words 'Power in one's self' inscribe on the handle.
Additional Powers: She has the powers that a usual child of Zeus has, but she is a complete clutz when it comes to using them. She is even known for nocking her self over with wind it fits of anger.
Weakness "The Fatal Flaw": She is extremely stubborn, often blinded by it.
Pets (Opt.): She has a Red Panda that she named 'Mink."
Bio: She was brought to the camp by her kindergarten teacher, who recognized her almost immediately as a Demi-god. She rarely returns home, having been told it was 'too dangerous.' So basically she has lived her entire life in the camp. The only reason she agreed to going on the quest was that she wanted to get out of the camp for a little while. 'A bit of freedom' as she put it.
Love Interest (Opt.): none

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