A wolfs howl

Chapter 1


A wolfs howl
can be heard from atop the mountain
many fear it saying,
'there's the wolf who'll
destroy us all'

But a lone boy,
different from the rest
knows the wolf's howl
is beautiful and mysterious
and is called by the eerie sound

The other boys call him a freak
for thinking that he can hear
the sweet sounds of a river running
through a silent forest of rustling leaves
threaded throughout the wolfs howl

He was alone with only
the wolfs howl as his lullaby
until a new family arrived
at the time of the wolfs howl
and a girl whose eyes widened at the sound

She spoke of the wolfs howl,
calling it beautiful and mysterious
the other's left her,
seeing her as a freak or a witch
for believing that the wolf was kind

the boy and girl met
in a garden of full moon roses
by the light of a full moon
and instantly became friends

When others who believed
that the wolf was kind
and his voice was beautiful
the boy and girl would invite
them to that garden of full moon roses
and let them join their small group

They run freely
and howl their songs
to the bright full moon with the wolf
the people feared them as well
thinking that they too would
join the wolf and destroy them

A wolfs howl
can be heard from atop the mountain
now joined by others
whose voices make the people shiver
and say, 'there's the wolf pack
who'll destroy us all'


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