Pulling All the Strings

He's the mastermind behind it all. The true leader of the animatronics at Freddy's. Always watching, always smiling, but hateful and cunning behind the mask. The Marionette wants revenge against the human race, and what he wants, he gets.

[a five nights at freddy's fanfiction]

Chapter 1


[pulling all the strings]
[by theavidroleplayer]

[waking up] ......................................................_

I have never met a human with any memory of the day they were born. This is strange to me, because I think that the most important day of my life is the day I came into being. After all, if that day were to have never happened, the night-guards would not be the way they are today. The humans would not know true fear. And of course, I would not exist. Needless to say, I remember my first day very well.

It was April 1st, 1986. To others, this day was known as "April Fools' Day", a holiday where you can play tricks on others and get away with it much more than you would on any other day. Now, some of the humans at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (and those in the area) call it names I would not repeat before a younger audience. For one day only, I was to replace Freddy as the leader of his band. The staff told the visiting families that the change would be permanent, but it was only a trick for April Fools' Day, and the next day I would be moved to the warehouse.

I remember dangling from my string inches above the stage, holding a fake microphone in my hand. Sweeping my gaze across the area where the children sat, and taking an instant dislike to them. Why would I dislike someone I've never met? It's quite simple. I had not learned much in the three hours I had been active, but I did know this: the humans had the freedom to roam where they wanted, but the mascots and I were not allowed to leave the restaurant. They could take whatever career they wanted, but we were confined to one function: to entertain them. And if one of the animatronics behind me decided to do anything else but what they were created to do, they would be shut down.

Temporarily suppressing my anger, I addressed the crowd. "Hello," I began, ignoring the looks I was getting from some of the smaller ones. "I am the Marionette. I'm sure you know Bonnie the Bunny and Chica the Chicken. We have a very important announcement to make about the band."

I could hear the parents whispering as if they were right next to me.

"The lead singer and head of the Fazbear family, Freddy, is on a long, dangerous journey in the forest. We don't know when he will return, or if he will return, but it won't be for a long time if he does."

Most of the children looked upset, probably more because they wanted a show than because they were concerned for Freddy.

"Don't worry, the band will still play. Until Freddy returns, I will step in and sing for you."

A girl in the front row raised her hand. "Are you good at singing?"

"Of course." I put my hand on my hip. "Now, are you ready to hear some music?"

Bonnie lifted his red guitar. Chica walked over to the electric keyboard. Everyone in the room was staring at me. After a high-pitched "1, 2, 3, 4!" from Chica, the music started, and I began to sing. To my surprise, the children seemed to like my voice, even though it was quiet, emotionless, and not at all like Freddy's. When we finished, everyone clapped for us, even the parents. I appreciated their recognition, but I wished the show would end. Although by accident, that was when I first exercised my ability to control others.

Seconds after I lowered the microphone, the fire alarm went off. I don't know why, but I can't seem to remember everything that happened after that. There was a lot of screaming (this was also when I discovered how lovely screaming sounds) and panic. The person who set the fire was caught and incarcerated. I don't remember who carried me out of the building, but I escaped unscathed. The others were not so fortunate, though, and when the announcement came that they would rebuild the restaurant and have it open by November of 1987, they also announced that they would rebuild the animatronics. All four of them.


November 3rd, 1987 was the new place's first day open. On that day, I did not awaken until dark. I was inside a large gift box in a room that I learned was called the "Prize Corner", and it was a lot nicer than the warehouse, that's for sure. Between my birthday and then, I'd gained a lot of experience with humans, and it seemed that they thought we were nothing more than toys. I resented their superior attitude, as well as their many privileges, which I believe I mentioned earlier. All that night, I glared behind my painted smile at the camera in the corner of the room, unable to move due to the strangely hypnotizing music playing from the music box next to me. I could sense the human in the building, and I wanted him to know my pain. To be one of us. Maybe then, we would be understood.

As I had expected, the animatronics started to move. They did exactly as I willed them to, walking and running and climbing at my command. I decided to play a game with the human. If he could avoid being caught by my pawns while keeping my music box wound, he would be safe until the next night. If not, I would decide his fate. It felt good to be in charge for once.

The new Bonnie, a very feminine blue bunny with buck teeth and rosy cheeks, was the first to leave his post on the stage. I could see through his eyes that the human, who appeared to be a security guard, had noticed the bunny and was backing out of his office. I'll never forget how funny his expression looked when he bumped into the new Foxy, who was hanging by her hook from the ceiling. Unfortunately, he escaped her as well, and continued to elude me until his shift ended at 6 AM. He asked to be moved to the day-shift, which was upsetting because I wanted to try to capture him again the next night. Foxy would be very useful to me. She could visit me at the Prize Corner to pick me up when necessary.

When another guard signed on to the job the next Monday, I was ready. Through one of the employees, I had even typed up the rules of my game and programmed them into the animatronics so they could move all at once. The guard's name was Jeremy Fitzgerald, and while I would not be controlling him (that would be no fun), I had rewired his brain so that he would come back every night until he was caught. He met an unfortunate fate in the form of the old Foxy that Saturday, and on Sunday a guard named Fritz Smith attempted to tamper with my animatronics. I made sure his death was slow and agonizing. The two of them are now inside the new Bonnie and Chica, respectively.

And so it went until all the new animatronics were filled, including myself and a small wooden boy in the arcade who hands out balloons. Once my instruments and I were occupied, our movements were smoother, and our voices more human. I liked it. I felt the guards' spirits inside their new prisons, begging me to stop, to leave their friends alone. Every time I heard their voices, I told them to be quiet. No mind control. I had to save my energy. If they disobeyed, they would feel a sharp pain in their head until they stopped talking.

I was not surprised when the restaurant closed down; after all, there was a toddler who miraculously survived after a daytime visit where the new Foxy had taken out his frontal lobe with her teeth, and of course, his parents went to the police. I was happy that the guards would be able to go off on their own, recruiting others into my reborn army. But it's been six years since then, and we've moved to another location without any sign that the guards are still near. I would have been sent away with them, but the management feared me and what I would do to them if they tried to get rid of me.

So my new home is in the kitchen, where there is no camera to keep an eye on me and no music box to restrict my movement. Here, I am almost in total control of everything (save for Freddy, who seems to have a mind of his own, but I'll crack him eventually) but it's not enough. I need to feel like I've created something. My pawns need souls, and not just any old souls, but fresh ones. The souls of children. Tomorrow morning, I find my victims, but tonight, I need my rest. Bonnie and Chica may not be occupied by anyone, but they'll keep the guard busy.

[marionette offline]
[end prologue]

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