The Asylum

Does involve touchy subjects such as death and Personality disorders.

That is just a warning before you read this story.

Otherwise enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

The Killing

I was being wretched away from the crime scene by some big muscly police officers dressed with blue uniforms.
I heard my neighbor screaming "Why? Why Abigail Why?"
the sirens outside were blaring and I couldn't figure out why my clothes were covered in blood. 'What happened? Where are my parents?' I had so many things racing through my head.

I was dragged into the back of the police car, "What is going on?" I cried" Why am I leaving my parents?" A police woman with her long blonde hair tide back into a pony tail turned to face me, her voice was calm as she said "You cannot see your parents again, not now not ever." This made me even more confused
"Why can I not see them again?" I asked with a puzzled tone
The police officer replied "Abigail, your parents are dead."

I was trying to comprehend what the officer had just told me.
"D...D...Dead?" I stammered
"Yes, Abigail your parents are dead." The woman said reassuringly
"How, How did they die?" I gasped, killed? How? By who? I managed to compose my thoughts enough to ask the question "Who was it, who killed my parents?"
She gave me a sympathetic look "Abigail, It was you, you killed them."

Someone hopped into the car next to me it was another police officer, this time it was a male. He had short black hair and a muscular build, he had something in his left hand. I couldn't make out what he had in his hand, he was bringing it towards my neck, next thing I knew my world went black.

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