Eternal Desire - Original Romance Story

All the characters are made up by me and not associated with any fandoms, though I think it would make for a good anime. I'm rating this M for mature content, anything and everything is gonna happen.

Chapter 1

He Watches Alyse

What exactly was it that made the girl so desirable?
There was no denying her beauty, but she still seemed so normal, so why was he so captivated?
He watched her from atop the astronomy tower. The high vantage point gave him a good view of the realm and lands beyond. And if you turned the scope more downward, the town was easy to spy on.
He'd quickly learned all about her routine, not that there was much to learn, she led a rather ordinary and unadventurous life.
He longed to make her is own...

Alyse let out a sigh as she closed the iron gate behind her and locked it for the night.
Her job left her bored and unfulfilled, though it at least it paid her bills.
She looked over at the distant castle that had often entranced her with it's sheer size.
The reclusive young Count had probably never done a day's work in his life, and he probably didn't even realize how lucky he was for it, Alyse thought to herself.
If she could live such a carefree life in a grand castle she would count her blessings every day.
But then, he was the last member of his family-line, and he had no wife to speak of.
He must be lonely in such a solitary existence.

Alyse opened the front door or her small house and locked it behind her.
She lived by herself and often wished she had someone to live with and make love to her.
After dinner she got ready for bed and crawled onto her roomy bed and settled in, pulling back her dark hair.
It had been too long since she had someone to share it with.
She slowly reached her hand into her purple nightdress and gently stroked her private parts. Her vàgina soon moistened from the sensual touch. Her juices were sticky against her fingers.
She often liked to pretend it was someone else exploring her intimate parts, or that someone was in the room with her.
Her vàgina was tingling pleasantly and felt warm as she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke after a deep and peaceful sleep, and tiredly blinked her eyes awake.
At first she couldn't quite place what was different.
Her eyes snapped fully open and she gasped, when she realized the ceiling was different.
This wasn't her room! She wasn't in her house!
She had no idea what to make of anything. She was dumbfounded.
She had definitely gone to sleep in her bed last night...
She wildly looked around the unfamiliar room. She sat upright. Someone was watching her.
A tall, brooding stranger stood in the doorway, his dark, piercing gaze fixed intently on her.
He was clad in black; his clothes had an antiquated look about them.
Alyse had only seen the Count from a great distance, but she had no doubt that was who this man was.
Was she in his castle, then? But why?
She quickly swept her eyes over the room. It was certainly refined, enough to be part of a castle.
The ivory sheets were of the finest silk she'd ever felt.
Fresh, brightly colored roses of red adorned the bedside table in a crystal vase.
How had she been brought without being woken? Had she been drugged?

"W-where am I?" she said hoarsely,

"You're safe, don't worry." he said, "You're in the guest bedroom of my home, Grisley Manor. And I... am your host. Count Grant Grisley."

She felt his gaze get somewhat deeper and dark as he said his own name, as though it was an intolerably serious matter. She just stared at him wide-eyed, unsure of what to do or say.

He noticed this, and said, "Breakfast will be in an hour. We shall talk more then."

He turned and left quietly, though it seemed his shadow stayed behind a little longer. Though, had he actually had a shadow at all, she wondered. She slowly sat up and saw some clothes on a chair set out for her. Reluctantly she got out of the bed and examined them. They were of the finest quality she'd ever seen, the dress was a deep crimson with gold trim, and she felt herself almost excited about this strange situation.

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