Where there's a Will.....

Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

Where there's a Will, there's a Cassy

Chapter 3

Cassy and Will

"Alrighty, guys, you're gonna try and stand now. Keep your feet apart, bend the knees. That's right. And then push yourself up slowly, arms out. Nice, guys. Good job."
Now, judging by that, you'd think we were surfing for real, hey? Not so. Will and I are practicing on the sand, a few metres away from the water. I'm itching to get out there!
After we drop down one last time to "paddle out", our hands gouging ditches in the sand either side of the board, I ask, "Can we go in now. For real?"
He stares at me, but shrugs and smiles lopsidedly. "Sure. I'll come out with you for the first couple times." He picks up his board, and Will and I follow eagerly after.
Standing on the edge of the water, I resist the urge to run a few feet and dive in deep. I bite my lip and glance at Will, who smiles and nudges me, gesturing to the waves. I squint and shade my eyes, watching as Alex wades in calmly, the waves lapping at his tanned chest….flicking his hair back, the droplets catching the light, turning to diamonds in the light.
"Perving much."
I look at Will. "Huh?"
He punches me lightly. "You. Staring."
He laughs as I punch him back hard.

I am doing it. I'm doing it!
"Aggghhhh! Will, I am surfing!"
I suppose I needn't have told him. He probably doesn't classify balancing on your knees, as opposed to the standing up as he's doing, as surfing.
Alex glides past, showing off, flipping and doing tricks that are far out of my repertoire. At this skill level, I'm not sure it could be called a repertoire
The water is only chest deep here now, and the water fairly calm. Alex wades back to me.
"Sit on the board." He says, and I sit, straddling the board. He pulls himself up behind me. His stubble brushes my cheek as he speaks.
"Alright. So, you're doing good….but we need to get you standing. Kay?"
I nod. "And how do you plan to do that, may I ask? I have trouble standing on solid ground, let along on a board on water.
Will floats past, chilling cross-legged on the board, eating an apple. Where did he get that?
"True that. Gravity and her have this longstanding relationship."
Alex ignores him and instead grabs me by the waist. "Umm…." I mumble
"Try to stand. Not fully…keep your knees bent."
I bite my lip in concentration, but do as he asks. He rises with me, and we stand, slightly bent, together.

I take one last bite of the apple and glance back at Cassy.
What I see does three things. Surprises me, pisses me off, and makes me mad.
Let me describe to you what I see. Cassy, a look of happiness on her face, obviously proud at being able to stand. That's not what I have a problem with. Not at all.
It's the surf instructor, Alex.
He is standing behind her, his hands on her hips, his cheek close to hers, staring down her bikini top
Cassy seems oblivious, so great is her triumph, but I am certainly not.
"Hey!" I shout. "What the hell?"
Cassy glances up, her grin quickly fading, replaced by a look of confusion.
I paddle over, just as Alex looks up from his enjoyable pastime. He doesn't have time to say anything before I push him off the board and into the water.

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