Where there's a Will.....

Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

Where there's a Will, there's a Cassy

Chapter 2


When I manage to squeeze into Cass's Mini Cooper, my knees tucked up to my ears, I see she is dressed in a black bikini with some sort of stringy meshy thing over top. She smiles, and waggles her eyebrows behind her oversize sunnies.
"William, my grasshopper. We meet again." She lowers the glasses, and stares at me critically, giving me the once over. "What are you wearing darling?"
I shrug. "You didn't tell me where we were going...couldn't exactly dress accordingly."
She laughs evilly, her hands steepled on the wheel, and backs out of the driveway without looking. Humming the tune to Everybody Talks, she checks her messages. I roll my eyes. "Cassy."
She raises an eyebrow. "Mmmm?"
"You only just got this car, having ruined your last car by doing the very same thing you are currently engaged in."
One corner of her mouth lifts, and she shrugs, tucking her phone into the waistband of her bikini. "How's your Mum doing?"
I turn away and watch as we whiz past the supermarket, the bowling alley, library and park. "She's okay. Doing fine, I guess."
Her brow crinkles, and she slaps my knee. "Will! That is not an anwer! How is she?"
Tapping out a rythm on the dashboard, I hunch over. "She's being doing fine, like I said. Liam is still annoying the shlt out of her, but that's only becuase he doesn't know."
"Why won't she tell him? He'll find out sooner or later." She glances at me quickly.
"I...I don't know. I told her to, but she won't. She doesn't want to hurt him."
She pushes back her hair, and joins in my beat on the steering wheel, so we are creating a tap duet. Her voice is quiet when she says, "It'll hurt him more when he finds out through someone else, Will."

"Can I take it off now?"
"Will, no!"
I hear shouts, scrams and laughter, and a faint, strange kind of roaring sound, which makes me want to rip off the blindfold. "Cassy, please?" She laughs, and the next second, the blindfold is ripped away, and I am face to face with the source of the roaring.
"The beach." I breathe, and she claps her hands like a child. "Yes!" she squeals, excited and breathless, her eyes shining. She knows I love the beach.
Taking my hand, she pulls me down the beach, her tote bag swinging from her arm. "Come on come on come onnn!" she laughs, and points down the beach.
"See there? That guy?"
I squint and shade my eyes. "Mmmm?"
"He's your instructor."
I raise an eyebrow. "What?"
"You're having surfing lessons!" she giggles. "And me. We're having lessons!" She reaches down and undoes the straps of her sandals. "Exciting, hey?"
She skips off down the beach, and I can't help but notice all the heads that turn as she passes. Something pinches my chest. Jealousy?
I shake my head, clearing the ridiculous thought. There wouldn't ever be anything between us. That would ruin our friendship.
"Hey!" I call, "Wait up!"

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