Where there's a Will.....

Where there's a will, there's a way, right?

Where there's a Will, there's a Cassy

Chapter 1


I'm not a morning person.
I'm just not.
At 7 in the morning, when my phone rings, I can't help but throw it at the wall. Of course, thanks to my great morning reasoning, I forget that, in doing so, it won't in fact make the noise stop.
It only makes Mum yell at me.
"Will?" She shouts, her voice groggy. "What are you doing up there?"
I ignore her and roll over, jamming my fingers in my ears to block out the evil, sleep depriving device that chirps happily from the floor.
It continues on, and on, and oonnnnnnnn.
"Bloody hell!" I mumble, rolling quickly over, and falling in a heap by my bed, the sheets tangled, trapping me. I swear, if that phone had a face, it would be laughing at me. And if I had a cricket bat....
I crawl, commando-style to the other wall, still wrapped in my sheet cucoon and answer the damn phone. "What?"
A happy, ridiculously bubbly voice reaches my ears and I immediately smile, despite my situation.
"Will, my chicken! About time. Don't tell me, let me guess!" There is a pause, and I know her face is screwed up in thought. "You were abducted by aliens, who you spent the night playing chess with, and they only just dropped you off this morning, hence your heinously late answer?"
I laugh and she giggles as well. "Am I right? Because there can't possibly be another excuse for you ignoring me for so long! I mean, I've painted my fingernails while I've been waiting!"
I masterfully unwrap myself from my blankets, like a snake unfurling itself from its old skin and stand up. "Yeah, sorry about that, Cass. You know I'm not a-"
"Morning person?" She interrupts. 'I know, Will, I know. In fact, you have never told me...what time of day person are you? Because you are grumpy all the time."
I clench the phone between my jaw and my shoulder and yank open a drawer. Ignoring her comment, I ask, "What are you doing up at this time anyway?"
She hums for a while, and I try to pick up the tune.
"It's Stay with me by Sam Smith. What did you ask me? Oh, why am I up? Well, it is this way, my grasshopper, I am about to walk out the door, after I decide which shoes to wear... and come to collect you. I have a surprise."
I could hear the smile in her voice and it was infectious. Putting the conversation on loudspeaker, I drop it on my bed and rummage around in my drawer, finding a white shirt and a clean pair of jeans. "So when you say surprise, I assume I cannot ask what the nature of this little outing will be?"
"Nope. It must remain completely unknown." She laughs evilly, and chirps, "See you in 10!" Before haning up.
I pull the shirt over my head and yank on the jeans. I know Cassy will be dressed for the occasion, but as i have no idea what we're doing, I figure jeans and a tee are the safest bet

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