Hey i'm Miki!

Hi! 😹

Chapter 1

Hey i'm Miki!

by: Miki_
Let me explain first before you ask questions!

Hi, i'm Miki! My friend (Formerly known as 'Animetrex') told me about Quibblo, but only after she deleted her account! 😭
I tried to make my own account but I had SO much trouble!
But with the power of Facebook, (don't ask), I got into this account! 😄
Sedina (Animetrex) said I could, don't worry! 😄
She also told me that there are all sorts of people and stuff, so maybe down in the comments section you could tell me about yourself? 😆
I'm a huge newbie in Quibblo, and I hope I can make nice quizzes and meet new awesome people! 😋
If you have any questions, comment or message me! (I find the messaging thing AWESOME! 😋)
Thanks for reading, and I hope to have a fun time on Quibblo! 😁
(As you can see I like emojis 😁)
By the way, I promise i'm a good person! 😇


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