Drew's Roleplay

Greetings Quibblo readers! I've migrated here from Quizilla in search of roleplay partners.

Chapter 1

Guidelines and RP List

Length; As long as we have fun and the response progresses the story, length doesn't matter to me. Send me a paragraph or three. Send me a couple sentences. I tend to match the length of my partner.

Point of View; I won't do 1st or 2nd person. I use 3rd person and I prefer that you do too. I don't wanna forget your character's name.

Limits; There isn't much that I'm not open to. I can do sex scenes, abuse scenes, etc. However, I refuse to do scenes that portray pedophilia. Let me know what boundaries you have before we start.

God Modding; Do not control my character! And do not control your crush(es). You play my crush(es) and your character. I play your crush(es) and my character. Need an example? Feel free to send me a message.

Spam; Please, don't spam me.. I promise you that I am going to get to your message. I have school work and a job I need to take time out for. If I haven't responded in more than a week? Feel free to send me a message and ask what's up.

Conversation; I love to chat up my partners. I welcome your friendship! I actually met my best mate on Quizilla three years ago. I was an obsessive 1D fan and so was she. We've moved on from that phase of our lives, but we found plenty of other things that we had in common.

Location; I will only roleplay over email. My address is GroovyDrewy@hotmail.com

Password; Put 'Little Bird, Little Bird' in the subject box when sending your request.

Roleplay List
My crushes are posted next to the topic of roleplay.

Magcon | Cameron Dallas

Our2ndLife | JC Caylen, Kian Lawley

The Janoskians | Beau Brooks, Luke Brooks, Jai Brooks

The British Monarchy | Original Character

16 and Pregnant | Original Character

Pregnancy Pact | Original Character

High School | Original Character


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