Shifting Sands(Gaara Love Story)

Miki, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, first lived in the village hidden in the Mist. The two-tails was sealed in her so she wasn't treated well in the Mist. When she was 5 she moved to Suna and when she was 7 she moved to Konoha. When she was 10 years old something happened and she moved back to Suna where she lives with Gaara, Kankuro and Temari. She is extremely protective of anyone she considers a friend or family. So, unless someone threatens her loved ones she is a very kind person

Chapter 1

Meeting Gaara

When I first moved from the village hidden in the mist to the Sand village I was very lonely and a little frightened. No one would talk to me and none of the other kids wanted to be my friend. That all changed when I meet Gaara. I was walking down the street with my mom and dad when I saw three kids about to throw rocks at a little red haired boy with sea green eyes who was my age. I take off running towards them and away from my parents. I stand between them and the red haired boy.
" What are you doing little girl? Move out of the way! That boy's a monster!" I give them a confused look.
" I don't think he's a monster. If anyone's acting like a monster it's you guys, dattebayo!" I say as I use my own "monster" to create a huge wave of water that washes the three kids down the street. The red haired boy looks at me but for once I didn't see fear there.
" You didn't need to do that. Now they'll hate you too."
" So? I'm Miki what's your name?"
" Gaara. Aren't you afraid of me?"
" No. Are you afraid of me?"
" No." I give him a huge smile.
" You wanna be friends?" I ask. He gives me a shy smile back.
" Sure. I've never really had a friend before."
" Me either, dattebayo!" That's when my parents come running up.
" Miki don't run off like that! You had us worried."
" Sorry mommy, sorry daddy. This is my new friend Gaara! He has a monster in him too. It's name is Shukaku. Kiki told me." My parents looked shocked.
" Why do you call the two tails Kiki?" Garra asks.
" Because it sounds cute."
" Aren't you the Kazekage's son?" My mom asks.
" Yes."
" Mommy can we go play?"
" Alright. Be careful and try your best not to hurt anyone!"
" Okay!" We run off to play. As we're running I trip and almost fall but sand wraps around my waist and keeps me from falling. I look back at Gaara and I can tell he''s controlling the sand.
" You stopped me from falling. Thank you that would have hurt."
" What does pain feel like? The sand doesn't let me get hurt so I don't know." I think about it for a second.
" You know that feeling that you get when people call you a monster and run away from you?"
" Yes. I don't like it."
" Well that's pain too just not pain to your body."
" Oh." He looked kind of sad.
" Hey you want to play hide and seek?" I ask.
" Sure. How do you play?" He asks. I explain the rules.
" Be sure not to hide too far away. You need to hear me if I tell you that I give up."
" Okay!" I count to 10 and start looking for him. After a while I still couldn't find him.
" Okay Garra I give up, dattebayo!" I shout. Sand moved away from one of the near by buildings to reveal Gaara. He smiles.
" I win. Why do you say 'dattebayo' a lot?" He asks
" I don't know. It just comes naturally." Then it was my turn to hide. We played for a while but then I had to go home. Me and Gaara played almost every day always having tons of fun. One day I go to play with Gaara but I can't find him at first. When I finally find him his back is to me. I sneak up behind him and put my hands over his eyes.
" Guess who?!" I say.
" Is that you Miki?" I take my hands from his eyes and he turns around.
" Yup! Why is there the symbol for love on your forehead?"
" Because if no one loves me I will love myself and only myself."
" Gaara don't say that! Your mom loved you a whole lot I know it!"
" What is love any way?" Another question my 6 year old brain had to take a minute to think about.
" Mommy told me that love is when you want to protect another person. Sort of like when I protected you from those kids because I wanted you to be my friend because friends love each other." I say smiling.
" Sort of like when I used my sand to keep you from falling?"
" Yup!" After that we were together every day until I had to move. That day I felt more lonely then I had ever felt before and I missed Gaara terribly once we moved.

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