Little Talk

On an average day in Liverpool, England. Four lads known as The Beatles were hanging out with George and Ringo's girlfriends Lacey and Rebecca! All was normal until one day something strange happened.

Chapter 9

The results

Soon they started to grow but they didn't grow much. "Did it work?" John asked peering over the cot.
"Well we are taller, but you guys are still giants!" Paul complained
"At least they're not babies anymore." George joked

He was right though they weren't babies anymore, but now they look like six year olds. "what happened?" Lacey asked, "Becca, I thought you fixed it"
"I did, it just didn't had enough power to finish, so they are kids not adults." I said plugging wires in the cot and doubling the voltage, "done! Lets try this again" I flipped a switch and they started to grow and grow until they stopped growing.

"It worked! They're back!" Ringo said as John and Paul got out of the small cot
"ah this is way better!" John said smiling, "its good to be older again"
"Its good to have you guys back to normal," I said "do you guys feel okay?"
"Oh we are fine, all better now!" Paul said stretching his legs.
"But how did we exactly became babies?" John asked us, "anyone?"
"Uh... you see we um.... George might've..... done something" I said quietly
"Did he now" Paul said glaring at George, "what did he do?"
"Well you see it was an accident.... I never meant this to happen" George stammered
"Of course not!" John said, "otherwise you will be in very big trouble"
"I - I would?" George gulped
"Oh yes, so how did you do it Geo ol buddy? Luck? Potion? What?" Paul asked
"Well uh.... I was mad, and so I.... I called you immature babies and then you turned into babies...." George said cringing "are you mad?"

John and Paul looked at each other smiling. "Are we mad Paul?" John asked him.
"Well it depends John, would you be mad being a baby again?" Paul replied
"I think I would yes."
"There we have it!"
"W - what does that mean exactly?" George asked
"It means George" John answered, "that we are in fact angry"
"Guys, it was an accident it wasn't his fault!" I said blocking John and Paul's way to George "just be thankful we got you back to normal!"
"Y - yeah what she said." George yelped
"Out of the way Rebecca!" John said trying to walk around me only to be blocked.
"She has a point," Lacey added "it wasn't George's fault he never wanted you two to be babies"
"Oh..." John said looking down sheepishly on his shoes
"Yeah oh! Well? What do you two say to George?" I said crossing my arms
"We're sorry George"
"Better! I said then added, "now lets go home and play some card games, alright?"
"Alright" they agreed and that is what we did. We went home and life was back to normal and all was well in England for the Fab Four!

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