Little Talk

On an average day in Liverpool, England. Four lads known as The Beatles were hanging out with George and Ringo's girlfriends Lacey and Rebecca! All was normal until one day something strange happened.

Chapter 3

Terrible babysitters

We walked in the flat with all our shopping and mostly everything was clean except the kitchen with food on the counters and the walls and even on the ceiling!

"The food is everywhere"! Lacey said disgusted.
"What happened"? I asked "And where is everyone"?
"I don't know. JOHN! GEORGE! PAUL! RINGO! "Lacey called out
"Where are you guys"?! I asked walking into the lounge and seeing John and Paul playing with each other, "John Paul, where is George and Ringo"?
"I don't know," John said sweetly.

"BECCA! GET US OUT OF HERE"! Ringo yelled from the closet.
"HELP US!!" George yelled.
"That sounds like George and Ringo"! I said "Where are you two"?
"Ringo? George? Tell us where you two are," Lacey asked walking around confused.
"IN THE CLOSET! George shouted "We're locked in"!
"What are you two doing in the closet"? I asked.

I opened the door and Ringo and George ran out into the kitchen and drank heaps of water.

"We were looking for some toys for John and Paul," Ringo said between gulps "But the door closed and locked us in".
"John! Did you did this"? I asked pointing at the door.
"HAHA"! John laughed rolling on the floor.
"Congrats guys! You got played by a baby," Lacey said laughing.
"He's technically a toddler"! George said defensively.
"That doesn't matter," I said "Were you in the closet the whole time"?
"We tried to feed them, but they kept on throwing their food around, so yeah the whole time" Ringo replied
"That explains the mess in the kitchen," Lacey said.
"Well at least we have stuff for you"! I said "We got some clothes, diapers, and dummies"!
"YAY"! John yelled peering inside the bags
"Here you go John" I said handing him a dummy "And you too Paul"
"Yay"! Paul said sucking his dummy.
"What is this"? Ringo asked pulling out Lacey's new T-shirt.
"That's my new T-shirt I brought," She said "Nice isn't it"
"You meant to buy baby stuff only" George said getting angry.
"Yeah, but it was on special and besides since you said you had everything under control we thought it will be fine" I said

Lacey and I continued to put the shopping away while George was giving us a deathstare.

"What? Lacey said "Stop looking at us like that! We didn't know you were locked in the closet"!
"Still! While you two were shopping I was stuck inside a closet with Ringo playing tag!
"Tag? How do you play tag in a closet"? I asked
"You don't! Thats what made it so boring"! George screamed.
"Calm down mister, we're very sorry, we will not let you two babysit them again"! Lacey said.
"GOOD! I do not want that to happen again"! George said.
"Hurtful"! Ringo said looking hurt "I thought you were having fun"
"Its okay Ringo, just forget about it, you can help me in the kitchen and make dinner if you want" I said.
"Okay! What's for dinner"? He asked
"Homemade Pizza"! I said showing Ringo the ingredients "See"?
"YUM! Lets get cooking"!
"You two do that I will keep an eye on these two troublemakers" Lacey said nodding in John and Paul's direction.

Lacey and George played with John and Paul in the lounge while Ringo and I made pizzas! We made our first pizza and I put that in the oven to cook!

"Okay that's one down two to go"! I said
"Yep what is this pizza gonna be"? Ringo asked while he rolls out the pizza dough.
"This one can be hawaiian"! I said.

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