Little Talk

On an average day in Liverpool, England. Four lads known as The Beatles were hanging out with George and Ringo's girlfriends Lacey and Rebecca! All was normal until one day something strange happened.

Chapter 2

Baby Trouble

"OMG! They're so adorable"! Lacey squealed as she picks up Paul "Can we keep them"? She asked
"Lacey we can’t keep them we need them for the band"! Ringo said still very confused of what just happened.
"Yeah, but how do you turn them back into adults"? I asked
"How would I know?! Maybe it wears off" George said
"Hopefully, otherwise the band is in trouble"! I said picking up John.
"So what do we do"? George asked as he sat down.
"Well nothing really, we just have to wait and see if they changed back"! I said
"And we need to go shopping," Lacey piped up. "For baby stuff, I'm not buying stuff for me"!
"Yeah we do need to go shopping" I agreed.
"You two do that! I don't like shopping! Ringo said taking a step back and putting his hands up in defence.
"Are you sure you two can handle them"? I asked
"Oh they're babies, how hard can it be"! George said confidently.
"I don't know, you do not let British rock stars alone with babies"! Lacey said
"Oh Paul will behave so you just need to keep John occupied," I said "You will behave for Ringo and George won't you" I asked John.
"YUP"! He replied giggling.
"See! They will be fine" I said.
"Yeah you two go ahead Ringo and I got this"! George said pushing us outside
"Don't destroy the house"! I yelled from the car.
"Everything is under control" Ringo said

After getting pushed outside Lacey and I went into the car and drove off!

"So we need diapers and food, do we need anything else"? I asked in the passenger seat while Lacey is driving
"Hmm well we won’t need a pram, but maybe two dummies"? She said
"Yeah just in case they're gonna cry a lot"

Meanwhile back at the flats, Ringo and George was keeping everything under control or so we thought.

"JOHN! Stop throwing your food around!" George said trying to feed John.
"This is impossible:! Ringo said putting the food on the counter "Paul and John both won't eat"
"But they wanted food. This doesn't make any sense"! George said
"I don't know, maybe he wants something else to eat" Ringo said.
"But this is the only food suitable for babies until the girls come back"! George said.
"Hmm well maybe if we find a toy hiding somewhere to keep him busy" Ringo said
"Do we have any toys"? George asked.
"I think we might have some lying around in the closet" Ringo said opening the closet door and starts searching.

They looked everywhere in the closet but they couldn't find a toy.
"Maybe its in deeper"? Ringo said moving into the closet.
"Maybe," George said following Ringo "see any"?
"Nope, wait... no false alarm!" Ringo said continueing looking
They looked for five minutes in the closet when suddenly.

"Uh Ringo" George said "Why did the door closed"?
"I don't know the wind"? Ringo guessed trying to open the door.
"Well, open it already! We need the light to see!" George
"I can't its stuck"! Ringo said struggling with the door.
"Let me try, your just soft" George said moving towards the door and turning the door handle!
"I told you to keep it opened, so it doesn't lock us in!" Ringo said after George's tenth attempt
"Its no use, we're stuck! George said

They kept trying and trying but outside the door.

"HAHA" John laughed as he crawled away
"YES!" Ringo yells in triumph "LOOK"!
"You opened it"? George asked as he perked up
"What? Oh no I found some toys though!" Ringo said excitedly "Now we can give them to the boys"!
"How can we do that WHEN WE ARE STUCK IN A FREAKIN CLOSET"?! George yelled.
"Oh... yeah I forgot" Ringo said putting the toy away "At least its a big closet"
"Its gonna be so hard not killing you" George mumbled.
"HEY! Hurtful" Ringo said "The girls will be home soon"
"They better I don't know how long I can last without food"! George said daydreaming about food
"Yeah" Ringo sighed pulling out some gum and offering it to George "Gum"?
"Thanks" George said as he grab some and starts blowing bubbles.
"TAG"! Ringo suddenly yelled as he tagged George.
"What are you doing"? George said getting very annoyed.
"Trying to have fun, your in"! Ringo told him
"sigh... do we have to"? George asked
"There isn't anything better to do"
"Fine, tag"

An hour later Lacey and I have finished shopping!
"Do you think they won't mind we bought ourselves some stuff"? I asked
"Nah, they won't care"!
"Yeah they're probably just playing monopoly" I said getting into the car.

After twenty minutes of driving we arrived back at the flats and the first good sign was seeing the flat intact and not in flames.

"Well its not on fire! That's a good start" I joked.
"Yeah, lets see if they''re okay"! Lacey said carrying two bags inside.
"I'm sure they will be fine" I said carrying the other three bags "I hope".

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