Little Talk

On an average day in Liverpool, England. Four lads known as The Beatles were hanging out with George and Ringo's girlfriends Lacey and Rebecca! All was normal until one day something strange happened.

Chapter 1

The Day Everything Changed

It was a very typical, boring afternoon in Liverpool and by typical I mean everything that happened lately already happened! For example two days ago while John using the toilet this happened again.
"AURGH there is another rat in the toilet"! He screamed.

And if that wasn't enough yesterday George finished all the Nutella so Ringo had to buy some more, the second he got out of the car and entered inside George grabbed a spoon and in five seconds flat he ate the three jars that Ringo just brought. So we tried to get rid of all the food, but when we did he started breathing heavily and he also fainted! So I guess we're stuck with it, sorry I got off track but you get the idea. So I decided enough was enough so I called a flat meeting!

"What did John do this time"? Paul asked.
"Nothing" I replied. "I just need to talk to you guys"!
"Wait George isn't here yet" Lacey pointed out.
"He's probably in the kitchen like always" John said without looking up from the newspaper.

As he said that George walked in or should I say stumbled in
"Hey guys sorry I'm late"! He said while sitting down.

"Are you okay Geo?" I asked "You don’t look to well".
"I'm fine I just-"
we waited for him to finish but he never did I was about to ask him again but before I could he ran into the bathroom and started vomiting into the sink.

"Oh no George is sick" Paul said.
"You okay Geo"? John asked.
"Geo you should go back to bed" Lacey told him.
"I'm fine! But what did Becca wanted to say"? He asked looking at me.
"Oh its just so boring lately, so I thought that we could go to the clubs"! I told them.
"YES! What are we waiting for let's go"! Paul said practically screaming
"We can't go now" I finally said after they calmed down a bit.
"WHAT! Why not"? John asked when he stopped dancing.
"Because" Ringo stepped in "Geo is sick so it wouldn't be fair for him".
"Yeah guys we can't go"! I added.
"B-but I want to go! Why don't you two babysit him while Paul, Ringo and I are gonna have fun"! John said desperate to go!
"It's alright guys I can come"! George went to put on his shoes but he didn't want far because he had to use the bathroom.
"I'm sorry Geo its not an option you going clubbing" I said.
"B-but I want to go too"! He complained between barfs.
You could tell his mind was racing trying to find a way for him to go clubbing but he couldn't think of any.

"It's okay George, Lacey and I can stay and watch over you I assured him!
"Yeah it's alright! Lacey said.
"Okay see you guys later" John said as he Paul and Ringo leave. After ten minutes of complaining and whining we manage to get George to settle down in his bed.
"You could still go before it's too late" George said.
"Nah it will be mean leaving you all by yourself!
"At least you two are kind!" George said
"Hey guys, how is George"? Ringo asked as he entered the room.
"What are you doing here"? I asked
"I got bored so I thought I should come back and help" He replied.
"Thanks"! George said.
"Besides you're my best friend"! Ringo added.
"That’s nice! Now we all can keep George from being bored" I said.
"Yeah fun"! Lacey said
"What's wrong"? George asked.
"I was hoping we could... you know..." She mumbles
"Kiss"? George finished..
"You two can do that while Ringo and I could.. uh... watch TV, come on Ringo lets leave these two alone"! I said
"Okay". He said.

While a snogging session happened Ringo and I watched the tellie downstairs. But after watching about half an hour John and Paul came in!
"Where is George"? John asked.
"In his bedroom" Ringo told him.

They then raced upstairs I followed trying to stop them but I was to late they opened the door

"What are you two doing here"? George said annoyed.
"We wanted to see you, wait were you two.... kissing?"
"What does it look like Paul? Of course they were kissing"! John said
"I tried to stop them". I said as Ringo and I ran in.
"Just get out all of you! I'm too tired for this, you guys are so immature"! George complained..
"Uh George be careful what you say..." Ringo said after a while.
"What are you talking about Ringo"?
"Look"! He said pointing to the floor.

But he wasn't pointing to the floor, we all look down to see John and Paul sitting on the floor as BABIES!
"What just happened"? Lacey said shocked.
"I have no idea, How is this even possible"? I asked.
"I don't know they just turned into toddlers..." Ringo said.

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