Succubus Hustle

Band: Lux Venus, Crimson Nyx, Halo Sly, and Lovelyn LeJune.

I'd really appreciate some feedback, either through comments or private messages. I'd like to know if this is a worthwhile story, and anything I can improve. Thank you.

Chapter 1

Backstage, After a Show

The smell of pot wafted through the air of the dressing areas, slowly sinking into everything made of fabric and holding tight. Numerous members of small-time bands leaned against brick walls and strolled around in various stages of undress, preparing to go on-stage or go home. It was somewhat of an open-mic night in this local dive, free for bands who could set up their own equipment and didn't mind dealing with uninterested patrons. The building rarely had such events, though it looked as though it was made to host them nightly. Lots of floor space, an upper balcony with seating, the only thing missing was a proper mosh pit.

Everyone knew Pauly, the bartender, and Roan, the bouncer. But if you asked any one of the regulars about the owners, nobody knew who they were or what they looked like. It was a great mystery to the small, backwoods town. Not that anyone really cared, it wasn't something people thought about when entering. They came, got smashed, went home. It was a simple and ordinary existence. In one particularly smoky room, at the end of the stone hallway, three young women lay around on the couches, instruments strewn about. They were higher than anyone in the place that night, and yet were more aware of things than anyone else would ever be.

"Lux Venus, Crimson Nyx, and Lovelyn LeJune! What an honor!" Said a stoned and somewhat tipsy college boy from the doorway. He leaned against the frame with his right shoulder, clothing disheveled and smelling of cheap, lite beer. I pushed my way through the hall and directly into him, to find my band mates and manager. "Halo Sly! Oh my god! Oh my god!" He said, drunkenly frantic. I sneered slightly and flopped on one of the couches. I can't say I was excited to see such a jubilant fan tonight. He was stupid and disorderly, and much more annoying that the young man I'd murdered not a half hour ago. I should have waited, I thought to myself. He stood wide-eyed and mouth agape, his shirt collar crooked and one of his pockets turned out. I looked at my comrades who obviously were thinking the same things about him, so our manager, Alastor, stood up and quickly ushered him out, probably talking him into buying another drink. Crimson stood up and shut the door behind them, ensuring we wouldn't be bothered for a little while.

I kicked my feet and curled my lip out of sheer boredom. "Did you take care of that problem?" Lovelyn asked me,

"Of course!" I said, furrowing my brow and sneering, "It was a simple task."

She nodded, aware that I was already in a sour mood. It had been one of those days. I stood up, "I'm going out for a smoke." and went down the hallway to the rear door where bands and employees came in and out. I didn't mind the smell of weed, but I preferred to do most of my smoking in general outside. In nature. I did the same with cigarettes out of habit at this point. I beat around my pockets a few times until I found my lighter. I pulled the cig from behind my ear and lit it up, taking long and heavy drags. Years of smoking made it easy.

I walked around to the very back, and across the alley to where a thick patch of grass lay unclaimed by anyone's property. In the middle was the concrete top of a cistern, with a small man hole on top. It was rusted shut and obviously empty and unused. I sat on the edge of the concrete, looking at the pearly moonbeams as they stretched out like eight long arms. It wasn't long before I heard Louella clanking around inside the cistern.

I saw her delicate white hand come through the lid, then forearm, then her other arm, and finally her head and the rest of her seamlessly drifted out. She drifted next to me and sat her chin on her fist with a flourish, "Wonderful moon tonight." She said.

"Hello, poltergeist." I said, still looking up.

"Will you never call me by my name, Halo? It's been what, thirty years?" She asked,

I finally looked into her colorless eyes, "Well it's what you are." I said,

She put her hands on her hips, "I wasn't always! Once, I was a human! Back before..."

"Before I killed you." I said, finishing her thought. Thirty years and I still wasn't sorry about that. And to think, the young man I killed earlier would turn into a spirit soon, too.

"So,' She said, calming down, 'who was it this year?" she asked,

"Some dude, Charles or something." I said,

"Do the harvest, yet?" She asked,

"Not yet, it's not quite midnight." I said, "Though i'd better get back before then."

She sighed, "Well I guess I'll see you later."

"Later." I said, standing up and skulking back inside the building. It was almost time to harvest from the body, and thus another ten years would be smooth sailing. I walked inside and looked at the girls. We'd known each other long enough that all it took was a glace to know what was up. They hastily began putting away their equipment and putting the room back together. I whistled loudly and some roadies came in and started packing things and taking to where they needed to go. I went up the old wooden steps to the upper level of the place and began weaving through people in order to get to the office areas.

I pulled an ornate skeleton key from my pocket and unlocked the door furthest from anyone, it was located in a darkened area behind a wall, nobody stood here because you couldn't see the stage. I slipped inside unseen and closed the door behind me. Flicking on the light in the office I walked over to the window. There was a Peace Lily in a pot directly in front of it, sitting on an old, worn out chest. I moved the plant and this time took my ring and placed it in the slot in the lock to open it. Inside there was a chalice, the last of it's kind. It wasn't a tool made of this world, and one knew so just by looking at it. It was made of pure onyx, the inside and rim was lined in gold, and had settings of ruby in it of the finest quality. I gently lifted it and turned it over in my hand. It was eternally cool to the touch.

This was one of the tools for the harvest. One of the two most important ones. With this, the girls and I would drink the blood of the victim. I quickly wrapped it in some red silk kept in the chest, and removed it. I put the plant back on the chest and quickly left, the ritual had to go without a hitch, or else we would have some major problems with more than a few unearthly beings.

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