I'm looking for friends!


Chapter 1


by: Sp00kyLeo
Heyyy-a! Call me Meh. I'm just an anonymous boring dork that enjoys making pointless quizzes in this wonderful, magical and slightly disturbing place called the Internet. I have a few friends (that you should seriously consider checking out, they're awesome!), but i know they aren't the only awesome people on this website. Why don't you prove it to me? :D Shoot me a friend request! But hooold up, Speedy Gonzalez! As lame as it sounds, i can't accept your friend request right away. I need to make sure that you're a good friend, right? What if i just accept a random request and three days later it turns out you're a serial killer who kidnaps puppies and eats babies for breakfast??? ...it could happen, don't judge me!

-Please message me before requesting. Don't be shy, i love chatting!
-Do NOT friend me just for the sake of having a lot of friends. If you aren't gonna talk to me at all, don't even bother requesting me, got it? I don't do fake friendships.
-Don't drop your balls if i don't accept your request. If i don't wanna hang out with you, i'm just not worthy of your time and you should really find someone else that you have more in common with. So don't take it as something personal, i just don't think we'd get along very well!

Thank you for reading, and have a marvelous day! ^_^


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