The Life nobody Knew About

Know, as this story is secret, the life of Gabrella "Ellie" is a secret one. She knows things normal people dont. She is the direct child of Aphrodite, from the bloodlines of Posideon and Zeus, and has recieved the Gifts of the Gods. But she never knew this... Until she met someone who changed her life as she knew it.

Chapter 3

Information OVERLOAD Literally

by: LittleKat
And so I listened. 0_0 SO MUCH INFO!! My head screamed at me as i managed to get home. I barely was able to scarf down a granola when I suddenly got dizzy. The world seemed to spin and I struggled to stay conscious. I didn't, my knees suddenly buckled underneath me and I fell forward and (lucky me) onto my couch. And I drifted in and out of consciousness my eyes fluttering none stop until i finally gave up and stayed unconscious the white ceiling faded and I heard Allieondrea,"Hey hey, Shhh, youre mind is freaking out, Relax, you will wake up soon i promise, just let me take you to some place. Its too much for you to handle conscious." She caressed my hair and I saw a tan, ginger red girl sleeping on the couch, but she was obviously kinda freaked out by the look on my face. I peered at her as if i was looking through a window. I floated above her, and I shakily landed on the floor and turned around, trying to find Allieondrea. "Where are you?" I called to her in my mind. "Im right here." I turned to her voice, and she appeared on the other side of the couch. She spoke,"There, now i can actually talk to you without being interrupted or having any complications. Now, come wit h me." Her pale, slender hand reached from mine, and she pulled me over to a faded blue cloud like structure, and took me into it as it engulfed me. In the midst of the clouds, was a portal-like structure, swirling in blues, sky blue and silver white in the middle, which mixed with ocean blue, and finally midnight blue which stretched outwards, towards us. I gasped. "what is THAT?" Allieondrea smiled. "THAT is a portal. It leads to other dimensions. Or Realms as your human mind would say. It takes you to the places the human world wouldn't DREAM of." She slowly walked towards it, still holding my hand. I followed here and asked her quietly,"Where are we going?" She stared at the portal no emotion or spark in her eyes,"To the City of Olympus. The Gods wish to see you." And we went through before I could say or do anything.
I gasped and I fall, I just keep going down and down, (more like straight in front of me, but it felt like on of those skydiving free falls but sideways..) I screamed as i saw the end of the portal and i fall through on the other side with a loud splash into a fountain. HUH? A FOUNTAIN, seriously Alieondrea?? I groan to her, as she hastily helps me to my feet, and im soaking wet. "It was necessary. You would of hurt yourself if i didn't land above something to catch your fall." She walked off and and stormed after her,"Seriously?? Im going to have bruises for WEEKS!!" She turned, and grabbed my arm and looked me in the eyes. Her hazel eyes turned cold as she stared me in the eyes. "You know what, I had to, if you don't start shaping up, and listening to what i say, and just deal with what i think is fit, you might just make it through the night. OK? do you understand me?" I back up, but she held my arm with an iron grip. "Ok," I say, startled. "Alright then," She said as she walked to the strange golden staircase, but she continued to hold my hand. "Lets go then. Try not to talk too much and don't do anything stupid." and we walked up the staircase as if into the skies. As we walk up the SERIOUSLY never ending stairs, she continues to talk to me. "Alright, back to where i left off." She began. "i am Allieondrea. I used to be one of the Goddesses of Olympus, but i was banished never to return, unless of course an emergency. I am still not allowed, but in your case (she turned and looked me) I think it is alright this time. Now when you made the wish, I realized that you have special abilities, and when certain people have those abilities I help them manifest it until they don't need me anymore and then in move along to the next person. So you have she's specific powers and i kind of hitchhiked with your wish. Of course with the River and Moon Goddesses permission of course. So you see, I am here now, to help you as best as i possibly can. No matter what. But the Gods will decide your fate." She looked off and wouldn't look at me. "What, what do you mean my fate?" I frowned, and I asked,"But Im a nobody, why would the Gods of Olympus want with me, Im nothing." Allieondrea stopped suddenly. "You," She said,"Are far off from NOTHING. The Gods will explain all of it, i promise. They know more than i do." I could tell by the way her eyes flickered uneasily, that if we ever made it to the Gods, they wouldn't tell me much either, but I could tell the Blonde woman knew more than she was letting on and I decided not to press further and we continued to climb these stupidly ornate designed staircase, with the angel railing and swirls, it made my head dizzy. Finally after what seemed to be forever, we finally made it to the top of the stairs. My mouth gaped open i didn't suppress a gasp when I saw what was at the top of the stairs.

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