The Life nobody Knew About

Know, as this story is secret, the life of Gabrella "Ellie" is a secret one. She knows things normal people dont. She is the direct child of Aphrodite, from the bloodlines of Posideon and Zeus, and has recieved the Gifts of the Gods. But she never knew this... Until she met someone who changed her life as she knew it.

Chapter 2

The Mysterious Woman

by: LittleKat
I heard the woman's voice. Startled, i quickly walked through my apt to my room, and stood in my room. "Who are you" I whispered. I waited, nothing happened. "Where are you? Am i imagining this?" The mysterious woman scoffed and chuckled. "I am here to see if you are worthy for our gift you have wished for..." And she faded away as i took off my necklace and placed it on my dresser. I climbed in bed, and fell asleep... The next morning I managed to wake up sometime around 9 which was surprising. I crawled out of bed, put on my necklace and quickly dressed and threw my hair up in a ponytail and went outside. The air was crisp and fresh and i ran out behind the apt complex and down the sidewalk by the river and i ran. With asthma, I didnt go far. I ran all the way down to the rapids, but i am breathing hard, and i forced myself to slow down and catch my breath at the rapids. They were raging and soaring, falling over the rocks and back again into the water, foam sprayed around me and i relaxed. I closed my eyes. "Hello there" I say. (all of this in my head of course, and i was so curious and i had so many questions.) ...I waited there for a little bit, i sat up on my rock boulder and i sat in a lotus position. "Well hello there," The voice said. Her voice was young and youthful and full of life. I saw her in my head, as a woman surrounded in yellow and gold. Her hair ornately done, curled and falling around her waist. The gold and yellow silk fell on her shape and looked very Greek.. sorta in a matter of speaking. Her hair was shining and sparkling and her eyes were a pale hazel color. I gasped. "Who are you?" I said in my head. "How am i talking to you in my head? Am i going crazy?" She shook her head at me, "no of course not. I am Allieondrea and it actually is more your fault im in your head. See if you didn't close your watch around the wish, then i wouldn't be in here... But you are also ready, so im here now to help you get through the pieces you don't know." umm.. ok great, a crazy lady in my head and im talking to it. Great. "ummm... what do you mean you're going to help me?" Allieondrea sighed. "You don't know do you? Oh well. We will start at the beginning of who I am and such." "Huh, that sounds good i guess." I said, i leaned back on the rocks and kept my eyes closed. Allieondrea started talking to me and I listened as i took everything in...

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