When Two Become One ( A Fred Weasley Love Story)

Name:Taylor Jordan
Age: 15 (same as the twins)
House: Gryffindors
Friends: Everyone in Gryffindor practically
Best friends: Fred and George
Crush: Fred Wesley
Personality: She is a sweet trustworthy person who perhaps trusts people to easily but that's why everyone loves you, you have a kind nature with everyone knowing your name and you can be flirtatious at times..
Appearance: 5'6" which is about a head smaller than the twins. She has blue eyes that shine like sapphires.

Chapter 1

Summer With The Weasley's

It was 10 in the morning when I finally decided to wake up so I arose from my bed and opened my curtains to let the warm shining morning fill up my room. I practically ran through to Fred and George's room(my two best friends) and also opened their blinds as an attempt to wake them up I heard Fred mumble "light isn't good for vampires like us" I simply replied "if you don't want soaked get off your lazy arses and give me a cuddle." Fred was the first to jump up and give me a hug, I hugged him back melting inside as he always goes to sleep with no shirt on. George followed soon after and hugged me back, only difference was he wore tops going to bed. I had always felt closer to Fred than you ever will to George, maybe because I always felt like Fred and I had a certain connection that very few people feel towards another person. I heard Molly "breakfast is ready!" "FOOD!!!!!!" I exclaimed as if I had never had food since I had been there. "Race you, Taylor?" I heard Fred's voice from behind me "you know I'll win" I replied "wanna bet? Ready...Steady-" "GO!!!" I blurted out and ran downstairs, Fred and George catching up, I ran faster and got to the bottom first "THATS RIGHT!! I WON!" "You cheated!" Fred and George panted. I stuck my tongue out and sat down at the table eating, they chuckled and sat on either side of me eating as well. Soon came the rest of the Weasley family grabbing food from all directions, I always thought I would been used to it by now but I got slightly worried every time in case they try to steal my food.
It was like that every morning of Summer, I'd get my hugs, eat breakfast and then we'd part our ways to get ready for the day. Now, you may be wondering why Taylor is at the Burrow: She stays there during the Summer Holidays with permission of her parents of course, my parents had always been so trustful of me and expected nothing less from their 'little princess'. I liked how my parents treated me, they know I always behave when I'm with the Weasley's.
After breakfast was out the way, Fred, George and I ran up the stairs to their room. I sat upon Fred's unmade bed, my gaze never leaving them as they join me, I sit on Fred's lap whilst placing my Feet on George's lap. "I believe you've made a mistake, Taylor," George murmured. "Georgie, I know I haven't" she replies with a soft giggle. I yelped as George suddenly began to tickle my feet, Fred relieved me from George's grasp. "My hero!" I laugh, kissing Fred's cheek softly. I could almost see a slight blush upon his cheeks. "Would you expect anything less?" Fred winks. I spent the rest of the day having fun with Fred and George, reminiscing on old memories as we talked outside, sitting on the freshly mown grass.
When the day was done and the full moon shone through we headed inside, George said he was going to his room for a little bit so Fred and I shrugged and went to the guest room in which I was sleeping in. "Do you think I could sleep in your room tonight? I'm feeling all cuddly" I said in a mutter whilst reading my head on his shoulder. "If you want to, you can sleep in my bed tonight" Fred said with a slight smirk. I looked up at him and nodded silently. I arose from the bed and bent over to find pyjamas, I heard a wolf-whistle from Fred so I smirked slightly, took my pyjamas out of the drawer and walked over to Fred, facing him as I sat on his lap and pinned him to the bed. I giggled softly as he didn't fight back, my grip loosened slightly from his hands as I sat up. Suddenly, he flipped us and pinned me onto the bed. I laughed out and looked up into his eyes with my blue ones. We gazed into one another's eyes for about a minute before he got up. A sense of awkwardness in the air as he got off of me. I shrugged slightly and went under the bed, slipping the pyjamas on as I kicked my casual clothes off the bed. I then went and sat on his lap, "You okay?" I murmured softly, almost like a purr. "I'm brilliant" Fred replied, the Weasley Twin smirk upon his lips. I giggled and nodded "If you say so" she yawned. Fred picked me up and carried me to their room to see a sleeping George, we smirked softly. He set me onto his bed before he took his shirt off and trousers. Leaving him in his boxers. It was my turn to wolf-whistle. He chuckled at me and throw his top in my direction. I picked it up and hugged into the soft fabric, taking in the scent that makes up Fred Weasley. He then joined me on the bed, bringing me into a spoon position (Taylor being the little spoon of course). They drifted into a dreamless sleep awaiting the day that is tomorrow.


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