Mythical/Magical Phenomenon

Just a little help on this would help. This is a group story, but please, feel free to leave a message in either the comments or on my profile page for inspiration, if you want another certain character added, or I did something wrong, an idea you have for the story, or you want to help me on it. I do have certain standards, so if you are reading this and you want to help with the story, please read on.

Chapter 1

Intro and My Standards

"Why won't this potion work?!" said a man, as he pounded his fist onto the table. "GAH!" He screamed. He looked at his hand, purple goop was all over it. He rushed to his sink to quickly rub it off before it took effect. He looked towards his table, only to see all of his previous attempts, gooping together, forming a huge blob. The blob turned into a rainbow of colors, and started to move. "What?" Said the man. (Let's name him, Walter. Sorry if that is your name) Walter stared, wide-eyed in astonishment at the thing as it took form.
~To Be Continued~

My Standards:
1) Must be a fiction writer- I'm not a big fan of 'the facts.' I mean, we are here to read something fun, not be educated, we have school for that.
2) Correct Grammar/Spelling: I focus more on spelling than grammar. Little FYI- I'm a grammar nazi.
3) Be free- This is fiction, you don't need to be up-tight and/or stressed about the writing.
4) Have a good schedule- I'm one to be organized when it comes to my time and schedule, so try to write consistently, but don't think I'm trying to keep you from your daily life, you just need time (free time) to be able.
5) Have good ideas- I know that the things I write MIGHT get pretty, 'ugly' I should say. There will be parts where a good idea to help the story is needed.
6) Stay in contact- Like I said earlier, I'm one to be pretty hard on my time schedule, so I need to know when you are going to have to 'go away' to help alert me that I need to step in and write another page or so.
7) Have fun with the writing- Fiction=Free Write. So write what you want! Just try to make it relevant to the story, but when a new character is added, I need a description (written) and a close picture sent (drawn or downloaded)

Notification: I will only need about 2-5 group authors AT THE MOST. The deadline for group author registration is January 28th 2015. If you want to become an author of the story, you will need to go to my profile and tell me that you want to join. I will need the following: Your name, (first and last) Age, how I can contact you if needed, and finally: A passage as a continuation from the passage given above. You must copy the passage and with a space separating, write your continuation of the story. Only one paragraph is required. Message me PRIVATELY your information. And I promise, what comes into my Inbox, stays in my Inbox.
Thank you for your time,


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