Computer Screens and Eye Damage

Do screens damage your eyes? Read and find out etc.

Chapter 1

Do they damage your eyes?

Let's clear up a common misconception. Screens themselves don't cause any eyes damage. However, how they are viewed can hurt your eyes and give you Computer Vision Syndrome (eye strain, etc.). Follow these links if you want to know what it is:

Here are some problems that can cause or aggravate CVS, and how to fix/alleviate them:

1. You don't look away from the screen often enough.
Solution: It is recommended to look at something far away (~20 feet) every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Whether it is that or 10 seconds/10 minutes doesn't really matter. You need to give your eyes a break.

2. You blink less often when looking at a screen.
Solution: Try to remember to blink more often. Your eyes can get dry because of blinking less often.

3. The screen is too bright or too dark.
Solution: There should be options to adjust screen brightness on most electronic devices. The symbol probably looks like a sun. Adjust it so that it is just as bright as the place you are in. This also means that looking at a screen in the pitch-black darkness is harmful.

4. The screen is too close.
Solution: Move yourself, or the device, further away.

5. There is too much glare.
Solution: Angle the screen to when you can't see reflections of any lights on it. 20-40 degrees is generally preferred.

Tl;dr: Give your eyes enough breaks from the screen, try to blink more often, adjust the screen brightness, don't keep the screen too close, reduce the glare, and it should help not damage your eyes. You're welcome.

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